Mount Pleasant, SC: A City That Nature Could Not Defeat

Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleaseant, South Carolina is one of the loveliest areas of the country. Offering beauty and grandeur, fun and excitement. The Department of Recreation is a center focus for the town, with facilities for swimming, tennis, aquatics and skating. This is a town that loves their sports and basketball seems to be the highlight.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina experienced a varied past of attack and defense to maintain its community. What is now one of the loveliest suburban areas of South Carolina has overcome takeover attempts by the French and Spanish as well as hurricanes and other natural disasters. The beauty of Mount Pleasant can simply be called breath taking and the residents have fought to keep it that way. There is a great sense of pride in Mount Pleasant. Pride for town, country, state and their beloved sports.

The original occupants of Mount Pleasant were a Native American tribe called the Sewee. As with all areas of the time, they were eventually forced out when the English white settlers appeared. Mount Pleasant offered a coveted seaport which would prove to benefit the community for trade and a shipbuilding industry began to expand. Plantations and glorious southern residences blossomed in the area, taking advantage of the slave labor that was a common practice in the southern states. Construction of elaborate summer homes for the wealthy became big business and many still stands today.

The Civil War brought attacks into Mount Pleasant as they defended their Confederate decision for secession. There were training platforms for some of the Confederate submarine crews in Mount Pleasant. Post Civil War days brought about an exodus of the local slaves seeking freedom, however some chose to stay in the only home they knew and established private enterprise. It was these slaves that set up the first Black American schools, dance pavilions, industries, playgrounds and music centers. This was the beginning of some of the most influential music styles that eventually changed music around the world. World War II brought a naval base to the area which also served to help the community in the growth process.

The natural beauty of Mount Pleasant as a seaport, also offers the pain of experiencing the many major storms and hurricanes. As each hurricane struck, the people of the area had to rebuild. This may be one of the reasons that the residents of the Mount Pleasant area have such an incredible work and lifestyle ethic. The people of Mount Pleasant are incredible sports fans. Attendance at their games can be in both field and stadium, but they are always looking to the basketball scoreboard to cheer their teams on.

The combination of Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew in 1989 and 1990 almost devastated the area. The population simply could not absorb so much devastation and much of the community were forced to leave. The Mount Pleasant area often had only the wealthy seasonal residents that had the financial stability to stay and often rebuild.

It has taken quite a few years and a lot of loving care for the area to be revitalized and the people to return. There has been a renewed focus on refurbishment as well as enhancing the local historic museums and galleries. The maritime museum features much of the history of the area. The natural beauty and charm of the architecture and people are expressed to every visitor that finds themselves on the streets of Mount Pleasant. There is a very welcoming feel, combined with the southern hospitality that one firsts notices. Drop by and visit and you will soon find yourself at any of their sports games, looking to the electronic scoreboards and cheering the teams on. After you have been there a while, you realize that the people of the area have strength of character that has been based on the love and defense of their home from attacks of all kinds.


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