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Convert Your Boring Plastic Gas Price Display Into an Attention Grabbing Marketing Tool!

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Note:  The 2008 US tax code section 179 permits up to $250,000 credit for your lease to own sign.  This credit will decrease to $125,000 so don't wait to replace your aging sign.
  Replacement Gas Price Changers


24 Inch Tall LED Digit Replacement Gas Price Changers

Strong welded aluminum powder coated frame.  Custom color, layout, and size available.  Red, amber, or green super-bright LEDs.

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  Tired of your antique plastic letter gas price sign?  Eliminate the need for manual gas price changing.  Gas prices can be changed from an indoor location, or from the main office using the Internet.  Our signs are lit entirely using LEDs.  This saves on installation, operating costs, and requires little or no maintenance since LEDs last over 100,000 hours.  
  Warranty Transfers and Information - Warranty page and information for transfer of warranty for resellers and sign companies.  
     can help you find cheap gas prices in your city. It is a network of more than 181+ gas price information websites that help you find low gasoline prices.  



Dot Matrix LED Gas Price Sign



  Gas Price Sign   Dot matrix light emitting diode (LED) displays are ideal for use as a gas price sign. No more need to manually change prices!  Power requirements are very low compared with fluorescent or incandescent lighting.  Easy to retrofit over your existing gas price sign.  Control using any PC or our hand held controller.  Can be controlled locally or remotely through the Internet.  Sends signals through the power line, so  no rewiring is necessary.  Many other communication options are available including spread spectrum RF, and RS-485.  Can be installed easily, quickly, and at a low cost.  


Gas Price Display for Retrofit.  12 inches tall (each).  1 super bright piranha LED per pixel.  .75 inches between pixels.



Gas Price Display for Retrofit.  24 inches tall.  4 super bright piranha LEDs per pixel.  1.5 inches between pixels.


The photo above was taken without the Lexan diffuser installed.



  Super Bright 4 LEDs per pixel Matrix Displays with LED backlit fuel grade signs are available in 16 by 32 pixel.  Pixel spacing ranges from 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inches.  One inch pixel spacing is shown in the above representations.  Custom sizes are also available.  

  The Mobil® logo is the property of their respective companies and used here as an example of how our LED display could be used.  

Available In Retrofit and Replacement Kits



New Replacement Sign Sent To Australia  Installation of GPS-M1-8R, 8 inch tall retrofit package.


  LED Backlit Fuel Grade Signs  
  A wide range of colors are available for the fuel grade portion of your gas price sign.  Because we use LED backlighting, your sign will be easier to install, use less power and require little or no maintenance.  LED backlighting doesn't need to be replaced for 80,000 hours.  Call for more information.  Please note, due to the limitations of the digital camera used, the actual signs look much better than they appear on the web.  
Description Click On Picture For Larger Version Model Number
Black Characters With White Backlight BKW
White Lighted Characters With Black Background WBK
Black Characters With Amber Backlight BKO
Amber Lighted Characters With Black Background OBK
Black Characters With Blue Backlight BKB
Blue Lighted Characters With Black Background BBK
Black Characters With Green Backlight BKG
Green Lighted Characters With Black Background GBK
White Lighted Characters With Red Background WRD
Blue Lighted Characters With Red Background BRD
Green Lighted Characters With Red Background GRD

Retrofit Kit


Control Box

 Single Display Double Sided

Display Panel


Installation of Retrofit Kit

  1. Existing sign  >  2. Remove panel  >  3. Attach display to panel  >  4. Replace panel  >  5. Mount control box  >  6.  Connect and close  >  7. Finished  >  8.  Turn on  
    Click here to download the Gas Sign Brochure in PDF format (1.9 M bytes).  

Gas Price Sign Brochure    


Download Gas Sign Brochure Revision 3.5


LED Gas Price Display

High Visibility Display's that are Quick and Easy to Install and Simple for Setting Up!


Thank you for your interest in's Inc LED gas pricing displays.  We offer you the ability to completely eliminate the need for manual gas price changing. Gas prices can be changed from an indoor or outdoor location using the handheld controller, or from the main office using the computer / Internet. This gives you instant control over all of your filling stations prices as well as eliminating the need to manually change plastic signs.

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