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Why Compromise... When You Can Customize?

    's unique modular construction of all parts of the scoreboard permits us to easily change the size, shape, and operation of any of our scoreboards.  We can literally make anything that you can think of, for little or no additional cost.  Why settle for an off-the-shelf scoreboard when you can get exactly what you want for less? has been manufacturing LED scoreboards and message boards for 20 years.  We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.  We incorporate the latest innovations to make our scoreboards extremely reliable, low cost, and easy to operate.

Our 'Game Monitor' scoreboards use LED displays exclusively.  We have been using LED displays for the last sixteen years because light emitting diodes have a life span of  over 50,000 hours.  Our latest generation scoreboards have an LED lifespan of around 100,000 hours. Game Monitors communicate over the power line, radio control wireless and cable are available.  We have found that power line communication is extremely reliable.  Many outdoor buried cable installations have problems after a few years.  The cost of purchasing and installing the cable is quite expensive.  Cables for scoreboard control are usually not buried as deep or protected as well as power lines.  This results in cables frequently being cut.

Game Monitor Scoreboards use a modular hardware and software approach.  This makes it possible for you to order the scoreboard that you really want.  If one of our standard products don't meet your needs give us a call.  We can custom design a scoreboard for little or no additional cost.  You can own a custom designed maintenance free scoreboard for less than other companies charge for off the shelf boards.

Give us an opportunity to show you that Game Monitors  are the best scoreboards on the market.

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