Scoreboard Options

  Why Compromise... When You Can Customize?  

When ordering your scoreboard, be sure to talk to the sales representative about any options that you want.  Don't settle for an off the shelf scoreboard.  We specialize in giving our customers exactly what they really want.  Tell us.  We will go out of our way to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

  New!  We can take your full color photo and turn it into a full color, high resolution vinyl sign of any size.  Now you can have a truly unique scoreboard for a very reasonable cost.  
  Scoreboards for games which traditionally use a horn come with a horn as standard equipment.  However, you can specify a horn to be included with any scoreboard.  If the scoreboard will include a countdown clock, be sure to notify the sales person whether or not you wish the horn to be triggered automatically by the clock.   
  Scoreboard Color  

Scoreboard Painted In Standard Green Color    

All of our scoreboards receive a high quality baked-on powder coat paint finish for extreme durability.  You can either choose one of our standard colors or for an additional $200 (for most boards) we will paint your scoreboard any exact color that you wish.  
Black Burgundy Grey
Blue Green Red
  The colors above are only for listing standard colors.  Actual paint color will be different.  
  Sponsor Panels  

Scoreboard With Side Sponsor Panels    

Sponsor panels can be installed on any or all sides of your scoreboard.  This is a great way to offset the cost of the scoreboard.  Sponsor panels also make a great place for your giant sized team logo.  For more ideas check out our projects page.  
  Scoreboard With Top And Bottom Sponsor Panels Scoreboard With 2 Side Sponsor Panels  
  Scoreboard With Large Bottom Sponsor Panel Scoreboard With Large Left Side Sponsor Panel  
  Team Logo  

Scoreboard With Logos and Top Sponsor Panel    

Want your team logo on the scoreboard?  We can make a vinyl logo from a photo, sketch, or computer artwork.  Put it on any open area of the scoreboard or extend the scoreboard with a sponsor panel.  The cost for this is very reasonable.  Call for details.  
  Vinyl Lettering  

Scoreboard With Team Name And Custom Colored Lettering    

Want your team name in place of home?  We can change the size, color, font, or wording of any lettering on your scoreboard.  All lettering is made from high quality vinyl.  
  Display Size  

All of our scoreboards use super bright wide angle Piranha LEDs! 


Scoreboard With 9" Digits    

Want different size digits than are shown on the model scoreboard?  You can choose any size digits you like.  You can also mix digit sizes to create a truly custom scoreboard.  Digit sizes larger than 33" are available on some scoreboards.  Call us.  
  9" tall digits use one row of Piranha LEDs.    
  17" Tall Digits 24" Tall Digits  
  17" tall digits use interleaved Piranha LEDs. 24" and 33" tall digits use two rows of Piranha LEDs.  
  Maximum Recommended Viewing Distance for Scoreboard Displays  
  Display Color  

Basketball Scoreboard With 2 Colored LED Displays    

Our standard LEDs are currently available in either red or amber.  Green and blue LEDs are available for an additional charge.  You can mix digit colors however you wish.  
  Control Options  

Scoreboard Communication Options

  We offer a wide selection of scoreboard control options.  Let us know how you plan to use your scoreboard.  We will advise you of the best and most cost effective way to achieve your goal.  
  Hand Held Controller Keypad Close-up

Desktop PC For Scoreboard Control

  Radar Gun  
  Wireless radar gun is an option for most scoreboards.  Speed information from the radar gun can be displayed on the scoreboard if desired.  Be sure to discuss how you want to use the radar gun when placing your order.  
  Display Arrangement  
  7 Inning Baseball Scoreboard With 9" Tall Displays And Clock Baseball Scoreboard With Customized Layout  
  Since our hardware and software is modular, you can design your own board for little more than  
  the price of a standard scoreboard.  Why compromise?  
  Sliding Letters  
  Changable Sliding Letters     Changeable slide-in letters are available in place of the vinyl lettering anywhere on your scoreboard.  This permits using the opposing team name in place of 'Guest'.  It is also useful where the same scoreboard is used for more than one sport.  They can also be used on sponsor panels.  
  Battery Power  
                   Battery Pack For Small and Medium Scoreboards The Power Station is a portable battery system that can supply enough power to run a typical scoreboard for approximately 6 hours.  The Power Station consists of a battery pack that stores electrical energy, state-of-the-art that convert 12 volts from the battery pack to household power, an AC power panel that contains two standard outlets, and a DC power panel that is used to run 12 volt products. These components are packaged into a rugged �cart� with a removable waist handle that allows the Power Station to be wheeled from room-to-room or outdoors over rough terrain.  With the accessories provided the Power Station can be recharged using utility power from your wall outlet, from your vehicle.  Typical recharge times are 15 hours from a wall outlet or 7 hours from a 12 volt vehicle source.  
  Unit dimensions without handle:  14.8 x 15.6 x 12.3"  
  Height with handle:  38".  Weight:  60 lbs.  
  Monochrome Message Board or Full Color Video  
  Message boards and color video screens can be designed right into your scoreboard.  Nearly any size or layout is available.  Many sponsors will happily donate the cost in exchange for advertising.  Give us a call of more information.  
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