A team’s beloved electronic scoreboard is stolen

A team’s beloved electronic scoreboard is stolen

The hottest news in Belle Vue England happened when the Wakefield Wildcats arrived to find their twenty foot scoreboard, gone missing. The Wakefield Wildcats are part of the Super League in Rugby and the scoreboard kept the tone of the game for the teams and fans alike. The community and officials are all baffled regarding the theft of the scoreboard at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium.

School and campus pranks are well known around the world, and some can take on dangerous levels of bravado. However, there’s no evidence that the missing scoreboard of the Wakefield Wildcats is a school prank. In fact, the community and local police are trying to figure out exactly how this was one.

The last staff member exited the area at 8 pm the night before. By the time everyone started showing up the next morning, the scoreboard had apparently been unplugged and completely removed. The only other item that had been stolen was a rather large refrigerator that was used for food vendors during the games. While the electronics of the scoreboard were indeed taken, the refrigerator is simply just too big to simply steal away, and yet, there doesn’t seem to be anyone that was witness to the thievery.

News of the missing scoreboard has traveled fast. Information went out to all of the media and is posted on numerous rugby and sports websites all over the world. Pictures of what’s left of the scoreboard are being displayed on the net. The backdrop of the scoreboard without the electronics has a very pathetic and sad appearance. It looks like something that would be the results or aftermath of a storm that had hit. Social media pages are also filling up with comments, as friends share the news with other friends. Supporters of the Wakefield Wildcats are horrified that anyone could do such a thing.

As with any mysterious crime, there are a number of theories; none of which have been substantiated. One of the theories is that someone or a group of people simply didn’t like the posting of the final scores from the previous game. Another idea is that there were some that may not have been very happy with the new ownership of the team. No one has come forward nor has there been any new information posted on the theft.

It is unknown whether or not there might be plans for the repair of the existing scoreboard or if there are plans to try to replace the scoreboard with a new one. The West Yorkshire Police are reaching out and asking the community to contact them if they have any information on the theft. So far, there hasn’t been any new news on the subject.

The team, however, will not be deterred. They are letting the West Yorkshire Police do their jobs and are not allowing the theft to have any affect on their spirit or playing the game. You must give credit to the resilience of their team, the director and the community. The game must go on.

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