Chespeake, Virginia: The New City with A Focus on Baseball


Chesapeake is a relatively new city. Formed in 1963 with the official name, and known as one of Virginia Beach and Norfolk’s bedroom communities, the area is highly prized for its natural beauty. Chesapeake is also home to a part of what is known as the Great Dismal Swamp, as well as many historic landmarks. The development of Chesapeake has focused on the protection of nature and their history and has given the area the listing as one of the best cities in the United States. As such, it is also not surprising that Chespeake has some of the most avid sports fans in the country as well. It is apparent that a good amount of the budget has been given to the recreation center to maintain the many fields and venues for softball, basketball, tennis, swimming and the baseball scoreboards.

The Chesapeake area is part of Norfolk County, Virginia and is deeply rooted in the foundation of our nation. The Great Dismal Swamp was a vision by George Washington and was hand dug to open a canal way. The waterway location, combined with the need to establish boundaries from neighboring towns, placed the Chesapeake area in a precarious position. The settlers in the area found themselves in the middle of the Battle At Great Bridge during the Revolutionary War and the success of this battle resulted in the removal of British troops from the area.

The vicinity experienced a slow growth over the years, and came to the attention of industrial investors as prime territory for a more planned community. The calm beauty of the area was shaken into an explosion of growth beginning in the 1980’s. Sports stadiums and fields were added to support their local teams, as well as scoreboards to help follow the game. There was a total revamp of the infrastructure as new industries and companies began to build. Throughout the building process, special attention was given to the preservation of the area history and ecology. The construction of roads and highways were combined with the enhancement in the intracoastal waterways. Chesapeake is the center point for five railroad transportations and the rail serves as a major method for residential commutes to nearby cities and towns.

The residents of the Chesapeake of today are completely serious about maintaining the integrity of their city. They are listed by Bloomberg Business as one of the top fifty best cities in the country to live in. They added the 24/7 Wallstreet vote of being the sixth best run city in the United States.

Chesapeake has a special place in its heart for the businesses that call it home. The convention and meeting area is often host to invitations for corporations from around the world. Year round sports events have had the luxury of updated baseball scoreboards and are combined with festivals to make this area one of the most conscientious and fun to live and work in.

Many of the most well known sports figures in teams all over the country have called Chesapeake their home. It’s not surprising, as there is a sense of dignity that permeates throughout the community and extends to the schools, education and training of the kids that live there.

While the city may be new, Chesapeake has a strength of character that reaches back to the long ago history of the founders of the area. It is one of those places you just love to go back to and you are always welcome with a smile.


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