Considerations and Trends for Sports Electronic Scoreboards and Lighting


There are a lot of sports enthusiasts that are absolutely passionate about their favorite sports and teams. They also have a high expectation level when it comes to fanfare and the deliverable of the excitement of the game itself. In the past, it was only the stadiums that could produce the kind of visual and audio thrills for a game. High resolution electronic scoreboards with videos and an audio system that would rival the most expensive professional systems. The game line on this topic has made a major shift. Pricing for the best technology scoreboards has come down and now these products are being seen in every venue: from middle schools all the way to university and college games.

Some of the considerations and trends that are happening in today’s electronic scoreboards are stuff that would have been closer to science fiction a number of years ago. The addition of the LED display changed everything and since the cost has been reduced, the scoreboards are now much more affordable. LED offers longer life, higher color resolution and quality and an electrical savings (lower bills). Given the more recent technologies, the LED and corresponding software can also offer incredible sponsor ads and video.

Wireless technology just seemed to make sense when it comes to electronic scoreboards. A small room set up with the wireless control area gives the controllers the freedom to literally make changes on-the-fly to the display screens. These can now include the clocks, score updates and even which ad to display. The previous hurtle of bandwidth is almost a non-topic, as more providers are available to accommodate the needs.

Mobile video is a newer trend that is taking the world of electronic scoreboards by storm. A mobile camera can show the action of the game as well as the fans in the bleachers. Previously recorded video of favorite players can be inserted as the player makes a point score. Some of the new systems are adding social media feeds with apps for the favorite smartphone. The feeds send real time updates to the internet and the fans that couldn’t attend can watch the game remotely.

Most of the higher quality scoreboard manufacturers have partnered up with professional audio and lighting manufacturers. Now, when you decide on the type and size of electronic scoreboard, you will have a team that will work with you to get the right lighting and top of the line audio performance for your venue. Your scoreboard purchase carries a lot more punch with the choices and options.

Sponsorship availability is a main consideration when previewing electronic scoreboards. The features of today’s scoreboards often have sponsors lining up because they can feature their products and company in banners, video and static views. In past times, sponsorship was not really a major thought behind the scoreboard. Today, consistent sponsorship brings a revenue stream to the school, stadium or recreation organization that will not only offer a good return on investment, but can also pay for continuing upgrades and other well needed sports equipment.


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