Covington, Kentucky: City With A Warm Home Feeling and a Love of Baseball

Covington, KY

Covington is considered to be a more new city in Kentucky, having been established in the early 1800’s. The beautiful scenery and picturesque setting, combined with the variety of things to do and see gave Covington the award of one the Best Destinations of 2011. Covington is also home to the game of baseball. Their love of the game has shown that this is truly an American city. The support attendance sets records and the baseball scoreboards that light the game at Cincinnati Reds Stadium.

The beginning of Covington started in 1816 with the purchase of around 150 acres by the founders of the area. At that time, it was referred to as “The Point”. The close proximity to the bustling city of Cincinnati offered a lot of growth opportunities. The land was coveted by many and soon homes and businesses were being established. While it became known as more of a town outside of the larger cities, it soon began to establish a name of its own with industries and commerce moving into the area.

An incredible array of gothic style churches were built as well as a revitalization of the historic district. The suspension bridge that was constructed is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. The area experienced a downtrend in the economy due to the Great Depression and worked diligently to encourage additional businesses into the area to enhance their financial situation. Throughout their trials and tribulations, the people of Covington remained steadfast. Supportive of their town, it wasn’t uncommon to see almost everyone turn out for the local sports teams, avidly watching the scoreboards.

Covington has become a heart of multicultural influences, most notably the various European styles which gives the area such excellence in choices of cuisine. Numerous restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfasts have been built to accommodate the visitors to the area.

The baseball park that was built was originally designed for a home team. However, even though the plans fell through and the park changed ownership, the city hosts many local sporting events with supportive crowds and fans. Covington has also produced many notable people of sports as well as politics throughout its history; and all have been proud to call Covington their home. The town is devoted to baseball and all eyes are on the baseball scoreboards as they cheer the team on.

The Covington of today is an expansive and beautiful skyline that displays the natural esthetic beauty of Kentucky. A visitor can tour some of the historic museums, plan a trip to the aquarium and play golf on some of the loveliest greens in the state. Many visitors to the Cincinnati area find themselves staying in Covington to experience the atmosphere and flavor of an historic town.

The convention center in Covington has brought a multitude of people to the city. Almost every hotel chain is represented in the town, as well as all of the supportive businesses for a busy convention area. Tourists can enjoy the expansive beauty of Kentucky with bike and hiking trails as well as parks. Some of the most highly visited areas are the incredible churches, with rare and beautiful architecture.

The people of Covington take great pride in their city, that started out from small beginnings and has blossomed into one of the loveliest areas of Kentucky. Any visitor that has an opportunity to stop in will enjoy a touch of the south with a blend of international. Covington is truly a small little big town – with a heart of gold and a true love of the game of baseball.


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