Cowboy Capital Rodeo Association Receives Surprise Electronic Scoreboard Donation

The Cowboy Capital Rodeo Association (CCRA) in Texas understands the importance of an electronic scoreboard. A scoreboard is key to a world class show presentation. That’s why they rented a scoreboard for each of their shows. The cost of renting was astronomical, with the price cutting deeply into their budget. To their surprise, a group of benefactors that wished to remain anonymous made a donation of a twenty five foot electronic scoreboard for CCRA.

There are few places in the world where a rodeo reigns supreme as it is in Texas. This includes the ‘cowboy capital of the world’ in Bandera Texas. Rodeos are part of the community spirit and a true form of Americana. The CCRA prides itself on offering a venue where the best talent in the area can show off their performances. Kids learn at an early age the art of bare back riding, bull riding, saddle bronc riding and calf racing. Friends and family show up for their famous barbeque and shows and rodeo is an integral part of everyone’s life. The CCRA is also home to numerous awards. Year after year the CCRA group has won a variety of titles including: Best of the Best in Rodeo, Top Five PRCA Small Rodeo of the Year, Dodge Small Rodeo and Event of the Year.

The CCRA is a center focus for the people of the Bandera area and they want to put on the best possible show. When the topic of budgets arose, it was clear that the increasing price of renting an electronic scoreboard for their fans was eating into the profits. Since some of these profits also go towards scholarships, there was major concern for the continuance of even having a scoreboard.

A group of people approaches CCRA to consider the donation of a twenty five electronic scoreboard. The scoreboard will offer sixty four varying shades of red which will allow excellence of viewing, even for those in the far away seats. CCRA is well aware that the electronic scoreboard offers their fans the chance to feel like they are actually participating in the show. Scores are immediately updated with contestant data. In today’s world, it is imperative for any venue to have a scoreboard. Attendees rely on the information as part of the show itself.

It is refreshing to know in these tough economic times that community members not only band together to show support for their favorite sport, but do so without the usual fanfare and accolades. The donors at Bandera have demonstrated the true sense of honor and devotion with the usual calm and relaxed demeanor that is part of the Texas tradition. If you have a chance to attend one of the rodeos, you will see the excitement in the crowd, the intensity of the riders and the thrill of the show. But, look around at the faces. There might just be a few that have an extra grin, because only they know where the source was of that beautiful electronic scoreboard.


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