Electronic Scoreboard Technology Turns Everyone into a Media Professional

volleyball scoreboards

In days gone by, sports scoreboards were an intensely manual thing. To change a score, people had to stand on ladders an flip large number charts and the fans were required to wait to make sure their favorite team actually got the point. It’s hard to believe that those days were not all that long ago. The world of technology has taken our population by storm and we are inundated with seamless, easy and instantaneous access to just about everything we would ever want or need. These changes have also been seen with the advent of some of the highest technology electronic scoreboards and they have taken our sports world to an entire new level.

Whether you are a fan of football, baseball, basketball, volleyball or any other sport, you have probably been to a large professional stadium and experienced the kind of show that they have created. Sports games are no longer just a game, but have been turned into an entertainment form like never before. There are colorful lights, streaming video, instant replays, audience and crowd video, sponsor advertisements and now even a streaming feed to the internet. Sound systems have been installed that rival some of the most expensive in the world, so that the person in the stand is receiving the highest quality audio and visual possible.

Stadiums have made huge investments into their electronic scoreboards and audio systems, but the technology is no longer limited to just the big stadiums. Colleges, universities, middle schools and high schools are now installing some of the same high tech electronic scoreboards for their audiences. The technology has become wireless and both the hardware and software are not only easy to install, but work seamlessly for graphics, text and sponsorship.

Schools around the country are waking up to the fact that a high tech presentation represents their school and their team and they are dumping their old clunky (and sometimes rusted) scoreboards and replacing them with the technology that brings in the crowds. It no longer requires a team of experts to operate today electronic scoreboards. One controller can easily maneuver the score updates, and the control box closes up and can be carried away until the next game. The schools realize that a better show will bring in higher attendance and that also attracts more sponsors. The return on investment for a quality electronic scoreboard brings opportunities that they never had before.

Even some of the portable electronic scoreboards bring an air of excitement with intensely alive colors, customized branding and wireless connectivity. The portable scoreboards are particularly popular for volleyball games, as they are often in a variety of areas. What better than to show how much you support your team, than with an instant score in vibrant LED color?

Today’s world of electronic scoreboards has changed the focus to a technology tool that has become a requirement for the game experience and it gives everyone the ability to be a media professional for your school or team, with ease.

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