Electronic Sports Scoreboards: High Tech and Ecology Focused

electronic scoreboards

Every decision that is made in business, school and life today has a direct reflection on the kind of carbon footprint we make. The world has finally woken up to the fact that we cannot continue down the path of polluting our earth without consequences. The high volume of energy demands plays a major role in the kind of purchases that we make and there is a slow transition around the globe to more ecologically friendly energy sources. These decisions include our technology and for schools and stadiums, that equates to their choices in electronic scoreboards and the peripheral equipment.

In the past, electronic scoreboards were not very eco-friendly. The light bulbs drew high wattage requirements and needed to be replaced on a consistent basis. They were also made with the best quality materials for the time, but the materials did not often have a long life. Today’s electronic scoreboards have made a complete shift They have taken into consideration the cost of electricity and replaced the old bulbs with energy efficient LED lights. The typical LED will last for an average of 100,000 hours, and this beats out the old bulb style with an incredible dollar savings. This reduces overall energy use as well as the added benefit of a longer lasting, light source. The colors of the LED lights are also more sharp and clear, which offer enhanced view and clarity.

The manufacturing of the higher quality electronic scoreboards has also been improved, through the use of more durable paints and enamels that offer an extended life, even in the worst outdoor weather conditions. The colors and selections of the paints have vastly expanded so that each school, team or stadium can have their own unique branding.

Electronic digital signage has replaced standard paper, thereby saving trees. Sponsorship can be done quickly and easily through the use of easy software that offers easy access, variations and change for the scoreboard. The hardware size has been reduced to smaller, more compact versions that are easy to use and portable. The wireless options of electronic scoreboard exchange the requirement of hardwired and lengthy cable runs with simple transmission and receiving devices.

The overall operation of the old scoreboards required a team of technicians and dedicated electronic rooms. Now the electronic scoreboards can easily be operated by one individual with the option for a second that might be on the field or stadium floor with a video cam.

The overall green attitude of today’s electronic scoreboards saves with energy use, LED light longevity, size and space requirements, longer life span of the board itself and the ability to be operated by a single individual. Combine that with the wireless option, which reduces the need for cables and cable installs, and it is an all around positive for an ecological balance. The industry has focused on every aspect of going green, saving money and offering better and more improved high quality technology options. The best electronic scoreboard manufacturers have professional consultants that can advise you on the most efficient methods of installation.

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