Games Imitating Life: Electronic Scoreboards in Kid’s Toys

Games imitating life: electronic scoreboards in kid’s toys

If you have ever wondered what is important in life – just ask the kids! Anything and everything that they see and look up to, they want in their toys. From a visit to their local fast food restaurant to attending a sports game, the kids want a miniature toy version of the same thing. In today’s world of electronic scoreboards, the pizzazz and wow factors light up the kids eyes. I guess we shouldn’t wonder that there are now toys that try to emulate the same effects of the live game.

Take any child to a baseball, basketball or any sports event and their eyes will focus on the electronic scoreboard. Today’s scoreboards are designed to not only enhance the game, but give the fans the extra special effects that make a game a true entertainment experience. When the kids get back home, they want to continue that fun and thus enter the world of the electronic scoreboard toys.

These toys started out with minimal abilities. One could change a score or light a light bulb light, but that was just about it. The newer versions make every attempt at emulating the true scoreboard. Some of the higher priced toys not only light lights, but flash when a point is scored and are complete with the accompaniment of the roar of a crowd of fans! Some will even play the national anthem.

You can purchase the type of scoreboard based on your child’s favorite sport, but it doesn’t stop there. The toy companies that manufacture these little gadgets know that every child (or family, as the case may be) also has a favorite team. They now offer customized team names and colors, along with the flashy lights. The bases can be ordered as backlit and can even be used as an indoor feature for your game room or even outdoors, to encourage your child when they practice their sport. The importance of the electronic scoreboard in the team experience has been elevated to such an extreme, that the toy versions are now being sold in well known toy stores.

The top of the line toy electronic scoreboards have wireless key ring remote control, offering the ability to: change the guest or home backlit designations, offer foul updates for the teams, has a light for bonus points, easy to use function keys, delete or add points and time via remote control. If you have ever seen one of these electronic scoreboard toys, you will be incredibly impressed.

We are living an era where the technology advances are moving faster than we can keep up. There are kids that have never known a life without the internet or the experiences of high tech, high res and immediate smart phone gratification. The toys of today are reflecting everything that the kids see in real life and it’s obvious that the importance of the electronic scoreboard is part of that existence. I guess we should expect the next generation of these toys to include three dimensional presentations and even better audio abilities? What an exciting time!

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