Going Beyond the Numbers for Today’s Electronic Scoreboards


If you attended any sports game in the 1980’s or 90’s, you will remember that the most high tech electronic scoreboards of that time were often bulky, large displays with light bulb style visuals. It was, however, what we were used to and expected when we entered a sports arena or university field. As spectators, we knew that we would minimally see the score update and, that was about it. Today, it’s all about going beyond the numbers. The electronic scoreboard is an entertainment within the game and as consumers, we expect the best.

You might say that we have all been spoiled by the high resolution televisions and home theatres that are available. We no longer want to view anything, including our favorite sports team, in pixely or low res. The costs of high tech electronic scoreboards have come down so that many of the high schools around the country began to invest in what used to only be seen in the large stadiums. Smaller, sleeker and gorgeous brilliant LED colors are now common, even in the middle school arena.

We are a nation that loves to be entertained, and the manufacturers of the electronic scoreboards have taken that rally call to every recreation center, stadium and school field. We can now view a visual extravaganza of colors in high quality video. Both sound and lighting have been studied and placed, almost as a science, so they are better than any of our home theatres. Wireless technology offers fast updates and control, so that we can view play-by-play results, literally within seconds after it has happened. Mobile cameras are now near the game, featuring favorite players and their famous (or infamous) plays in the game.

The newest addition to our demand for the scoreboard to be entertainment, is the internet, social media and smartphones. Today, there is an app for everything, and the savvy schools and stadiums usually have one for the games. Streaming feeds to the net offer the absentee fans the option of watching the game as well as commenting on their favorite social media pages.

All of this has been neatly wrapped and packed for our entertainment pleasure, and the sponsors know this. Sponsorship on an electronic scoreboard is closer to a full marketing package. The days of a static logo or slogan are gone, and enter the excitement of video ads combined with banners and coordinated marketing efforts even at the concession stands. When we walk into today’s field or stadium, the first thing we can’t help but notice is the electronic scoreboard. It is the pulse of everything that is going on and will go on, from beginning to end. Our expectation level is to hear and see everything in high quality clarity, and the scoreboard has now become the hub center of that level.

The goal of the stadium, school or event is to entice attendance, expect more than what you would see if you stayed at home and be a part of the electricity of the game. The scoreboard has gone way beyond the numbers, and is now what we want to see and experience.


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