Greenville, Mississippi: A Place of Pride, Baseball and Basketball

Greenville, Mississippi

The area we now know as Greenville Mississippi is actually the third city that is called by that name. During the establishment, history, destruction and rebirth, the people of Greenville never let their city die. This is the same attitude the people of Greenville have today and they approach everything they do with that same sense of dignity. Pride in their city is also seen in the Mississippi Miracles. Their famed basketball team brings packed crowds to every game and the basketball scoreboards lend an air of excitement to the town. They are also firmly entrenched in the American tradition of baseball and this is evident at every game at Greenville Municipal Stadium.

The original land area of Greenville was home to a few Native American tribes. Archeological information has linked the inhabitants to times before the well known Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes. The founder of the original town began with small hamlets in 1824, supporting the local agricultural endeavors of the community. Plantations were built and the area enjoyed a time a blooming commerce. The city was named after Nathanael Greene, the famous hero from the American Revolutionary War.

The Civil War brought Mississippi into the war in a big way and this wreaked havoc on the now growing area of Greenville. The battles held ended in the destruction of the town, to the dismay and horror of its residents. The people of the area regrouped and decided to rebuild. Their strength and tenacity has to be respected, and they chose a new location for their town at a higher location near the Mississippi River. Land was donated and the residents erected their new city of Greenville, along with churches, schools and the beginnings of an infrastructure to support their town.

There is a breathtaking beauty in the natural surroundings of Greenville and as time passed, the residents realized that many would want to visit to see their area. The lake that is an offshoot of the famed Mississippi River presented an opportunity for river boat trips that were highly coveted. It became known as the heart and soul of the Delta area and eventually became home to a varied cultural group that has had an influence through until today.

Mississippi is known for its contributions to the music and art world, most notably for the incredible jazz and blues that has changed the music scene around the world. They revitalized their historic district for visitors and added gambling boats that are seen cruising down the delta. The list of things to do in Greenville seems never ending. The city has a focus on the arts and this is exemplified in the many theatres and galleries. Dining in Greenville is an experience of culinary delights. Restaurants offer the kind of home cooking that is rarely seen anymore. The local sports teams have an avid fan following, with a huge percentage of the population turning out to see the games and watch the basketball scoreboards. The Miracles are the pride of Greenville and they support their team unconditionally. White Greenville’s baseball history has had its ups and downs, this is also a town that loves its sports.

Greenville offers riverboat rides, a tour through their beautiful parks and recreation areas, museums, art galleries, music and arts festivals, plantation tours, a look at historic Greenville and don’t forget the entire Walnut Street Entertainment District. It seems that the people of Greenville have a right to feel proud of their town; they have devoted their lives to creating a place that everyone wants to call their home. The people in Greenville will tell you that there isn’t another location in the country that is so supportive of their local sports teams. That statement is proven at almost every sports event, whether on a small field or larger stadium. Everyone has their eyes looking to the scoreboards to chee their teams on. Greenville offers the kind of style and dignity that the south is known for, with their own touch of originality. The city was built and then rebuilt with everyone working together and this common sense attitude is still contained in the Greenville of today.


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