High Schools Buying into High Tech Scoreboards

High-Tech scoreboard

Whether you live in a small rural community or a larger urban city, almost every high school in the country is buying into the concept of high tech electronic scoreboards. With enhanced technologies and lowering costs, the fans that attend their local favorite team games are being enticed even more as the newer, fancier, flashier scoreboards are added to the schools.

Any electronic scoreboard manufacturer will confirm that when a recreation area, field or stadium is built, it is part of the process to include an area for a scoreboard. The planning of a sports venue understand that the spectators want to have the best technologies and offer an better experience than watching on their home screens. Today’s home theatres offer high quality resolution, surround sound, instant replays and commentaries. The fans of today want that, and more. The schools want to have the same visual and audio excitement as they experience in the big league games, and the electronic scoreboards are a major portion of that excitement.

More and more high schools are stepping up to the plate to get the best electronic scoreboards available for their teams and attendees. The scoreboard of today offers play-by-play instant video, mobile camera applications, streaming social media and smartphone as well as electronic pad apps and social media feeds. The screen colors are a visual explosion with the purpose of the scoreboard as a main focus of every minute of every game. Electronic stop clocks are another requirement, so that the time can be forwarded or stopped, depending upon the needs of the game. There are some scoreboards that now offer the ability to change numeric colors to match the lead changes of the game.

When investing in a high school electronic scoreboard, there are a number of sponsorship opportunities that lend credence to the dollars being spent. Typically, a high school can not only recoup the dollars spent, but begin showing a revenue stream from sponsorship within the first three years of installation. This is especially pertinent for the scoreboards for football fields. The technology for sponsorship has been due to the advantage of software that makes creating, adding and rotating sponsors on the scoreboard a simple process.

Almost every community has an intense pride in their schools and teams. In some cases, it goes beyond pride and into a passion. When school boards take a look at what the competitive schools have for high tech electronic scoreboards and then compare to what they have in their schools; budgets are quickly rearranged. Every school wants the best for their teams and players, as it seems to reflect directly on the community itself. It is no surprise that high schools across the United States are quickly adding the newer, more pizzazz-filled electronic scoreboards. In many cases the entire town will rally around the project, participating in fundraisers and donating money for their high school. One might think that football would be the main springboard for team spirit and adding a scoreboard, but the interest and enthusiasm covers all types of sports: baseball, basketball, soccer and even aquatics.


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