Moultonborough Recreation: Goal to Get Middle School Electronic Scoreboard


Moutonborough, New Hampshire has set a precedent for accountability. Their attitude is that they want both students and local citizens to participate in fundraisers to accomplish the goals they set. The New Hampshire residents are not looking to State or Federal assistance, but, are continuing the kind of grassroots responsibility that the people of the state are known for. This positive attitude includes their goal to get an electronic scoreboard for the Moultonborough Middle School.

The RAB (Recreation Advisory Board) in Moultonborough have some incredibly lofty goals. It might be said that if anyone can reach these goals, the people of Moultonborough can. Moultonborough has previously instituted fundraisers in other areas such as library and chemical free proms. The electronic scoreboard that is being proposed would cover a variety of sports at the middle school, including baseball, soccer and basketball.

While the students of the middle school are ready to step up to the plate to help, there are some varying opinions about this particular fundraiser. Some in the area are stating that the RAB should not be responsible for the fundraiser, as that responsibility should be within the school’s sports department with the opposing argument that the fundraiser will promote the kind of cooperation that is needed between the schools and the RAB. Still others are just questioning whether or not an electronic scoreboard is really needed for the middle school.

The topic of the electronic scoreboard is not a hot debate, but it is being questioned by some. It seems that there is a portable electronic scoreboard that is sitting in a closet somewhere, collecting dust. The argument is that it is older and not really the best kind of scoreboard that the school needs.

The bottom line in this situation is that there was apparently a need for the RAB and the schools to work more closely. The RAB made a proactive move to begin the process of a fundraiser for the electronic scoreboard, thereby not requiring this kind of expenditure to fall on the local taxpayers. The school wants the electronic scoreboard and everyone is talking about working together to accomplish the goal. The attendees and teams of the basketball, soccer and baseball games would love to have a new scoreboard and are willing to help in the fundraiser process. It seems that this proposal is actually a ‘win-win’ (excuse the pun) for everyone in the community.

New Hampshire is known for taking responsibility and the do-it-on-your-own attitudes. The middle school electronic scoreboard is just another example of the kind of example that they set for the kids and the rest of the country. The scoreboard is on the agenda for the RAB and is bringing together multi-level participants in the community. This is a standard that other communities should be looking toward to accomplish what both needs and wants. It is refreshing to see an organization such as the RAB go outside their comfort zone and learn the process of fundraising, especially for the kids in the middle school that are often overlooked for these kinds of technologies.


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