Rend Lake Aquatics Swim Team Get Electronic Scoreboard of Their Dreams

Rend Lake Aquatics Swim Team

In the sports of today, whether youth or professional, the presence of a high tech electronic scoreboard gives a venue the opportunity to play host to some of the best championships. The Rend Lake Aquatics Swim Team in Illinois has some of the best swimmers around and needed a scoreboard to bring the meets to them. Thanks to some very special people, this team had their dreams come true.

The Rend Lake swimming team, known as the “Aquatic Youth Otters” are a hard swimming bunch. The need for a new electronic scoreboard was very apparent and the team pulled together to try to raise money for a new board. Times are tough and the group came to the attention of the Rend Lake College Foundation (RLCF) . Some of the members were quite aware and impressed with the success of the Rend Lake Otters. Over sixty of their team members had swimming successes in both state and national levels. The RLCF decided to do something to improve their home team’s abilities and give them an opportunity to hold their meets on their own campus.

Plans were made to get the Otters a new high tech scoreboard along with a touch pad timing system. The type that was needed would offer a completed automated startup to finish line timing system that has starting sensors that include touch pad sensors for each team member turn and displays real time results and marks on the LED overhead scoreboard. The RLCF board recognized that they needed to give their home team every advantage to win, especially with so many team members of such high caliber. RLCF has stepped up to the challenge and covered all remaining expenses needed for the new system. It was the RLCF that had originally been responsible for gaining the Aquatic Center a number of years ago, and this secondary step has emphasized their support for their most important swimming team.

The list of winning team members and the team accomplishments as a whole is incredibly impressive. In the recent USA Swimming Ozark Championships, many of the team members came in with flying colors and awards. Trophies are not uncommon for the Rend Lake Aquatics Swim Team, and the Otters have brought home quite a nice collection this year alone.

The RLCF has created an environment where their swim team has a facility of first class rating and the electronic scoreboard and sensor pads will give that facility the ability to offer better attendance by the ever increasing fan base. A smart move for the RLCF, because more attendance also means more support for the facility and team itself. Pictures of the new scoreboard are posted on the team’s website and everyone couldn’t look more proud.

As for the Otters, each time they compete in a home meet, they look up in the same manner as all of their fans and have smiles on their faces. The scoreboard is a physical demonstration of how they are appreciated and that makes them try even harder to win.


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