Ridgefield High School receives new electronic scoreboard, no strings attached

Ridgefield High School receives new electronic scoreboard, no strings attached

Ridgefield High School in Connecticut is very familiar in being the recipients of gifted scoreboards. In the past, the ‘gifts’ included a contract for advertising and promotion and this caused problems. That’s why they were pleasantly surprised when the school received a new electronic scoreboard with no such strings attached.

One of the local residents, Larry Langois, just so happens to be the Nestles Waters North America senior manager of sales. Larry’s daughter, Ashley, attends Ridgefield High School and plays on the varsity softball team. Langois recognized the need for a good electronic scoreboard for both the players and the fans and came forward to make the offering to the school.

The planned scoreboard with be about five and half feet high and ten feet wide and will have two tiger paws on it to reflect the the “Tigers”, which is the mascot of the school. It will display home and visiting team innings and scores along with the strikes, outs and balls updates. The presence of a new electronic scoreboard will make the team players feel like they are special and appreciated. Whether they win or lose, the team will know they are loved by their community and the fans. This will also give the area the ability to host larger venue games and that will bring more people (and revenue) into the school.

A scoreboard has been just part of the dream of the softball coach, Angelo Formisano. He has high hopes to get other improvements for the girls and their playing field. Over a two year time period over $23,000 has been donated to the efforts and have thus far succeeded in getting the installation of a six foot fence around the playing area, covers for dugouts, new uniforms and a portable exterior fence.

The upgrades have opened up the abilities for many teams to use the field: varsity, freshman and junior varsity softball teams will all have the benefits of an upgraded field and the new electronic scoreboard. The scoreboard places Ridgefield High School in an arena where all will have a sense of pride in the school, teams and the community.

Everyone in the community is excited about the new electronic scoreboard and probably no one more than Coach Formisano. While he has only been at the school for three years, he has been astounded at how the community has banded together to support the teams. In an era where there usually isn’t an investment without a pay back, the donation of the electronic scoreboard is simply a refreshing moment. It is a rarity to find someone that will give for giving’s sake for the benefit of others. It’s this type of generosity that makes people believe in the positive aspects of the human spirit. It’s a lesson that the kids, parents and team members of Ridgefield High School can see every day and carry with them throughout their lives. It also proves that dedication and honor can be an excellent gift to ourselves.

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