Jackson, Mississippi: Home of All-American Baseball

Jackson, Mississippi is in the heart of the south and has been home to music and the Civil Rights movement. Originally the lands of the Choctaw Native American tribe, it retains its history of the Native American influence combined with the early French and European settlers.  One might think the history cotton, beans and livestock is a thing of the past, but in Jackson, it remains a thriving industry to support the area. The residents also pride themselves in their sports, and you can see this pride displayed in the college and university games and even at a roller derby tournament. But it’s baseball that is at the heart of Jackson; and this can be seen at every game, where the baseball scoreboards match the fans yelling with every home run.

Jackson’s past has included so many changes that it is astounding the city survived. Named after President Andrew Jackson, it was the heart of the industrial support for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Like many southern cities, the loss of the war took it’s toll on the people and the town. Unlike other southern towns, it took many years for Jackson Mississippi to begin a comeback in growth. While recovery was slow, it was steady and the city began to see a decline in the mule drawn wagons a older structures, to be replaced by automobiles, mass transit and newer modern buildings.