How exciting is a new high school electronic scoreboard? VERY!

There is probably nothing more devoted than a community member to their local high school sports teams. Whether a parent or teacher, we seem to be more involved in the sports events than often the national leagues. Every aspect of the games work their way into our daily lives: fund raisers, ticket sales, and above all – going to the games. So when the local high school needs a new electronic scoreboard, this brings our attention to the forefront.

You might think a scoreboard is a small consideration. Au contraire. In this day and age of fan participation, sponsorship and advertising, the quality of the scoreboard is now front and center compared only to the topic of the field itself. The investment process must take into play various factors: indoor or outdoor board, size, visual quality, audio additions, colors and advertising opportunities. Each of these areas will affect the overall success and must be appealing to the fans. When the topic of a new electronic scoreboard is being discussed at the local high school, everyone in the town becomes part of the conversation.