Delaware Valley High School get new electronic scoreboard from orthopedic doctors group

Every school wants a new electronic scoreboard for their teams. It’s the topic that dreams are made of in the sports world. When the football team at Delaware Valley High School came onto their field, they were just down right embarrassed at their own scoreboard. The scoreboard was barely visible, and that was actually a blessing. To support their team, the Hunterdon Orthopedic Institute, a group well known to the team members, rescued the school and team sanity by donating the $17,500 needed for a state of the art scoreboard.

The kids at Delaware Valley High School in Raritan County New Jersey are incredibly supportive of their football team. You can see videos of the latest “Terriers” games on the school website along with their motto ‘hold the rope’. The electronic scoreboard that was in their football field was the same board that was erected when the school was built in the 1960’s. The scoreboard became one of the major hurtles to overcome when the team entered the field. Some simply tried to ignore it.

An old scoreboard is an embarrassment to Patriot Center

A university will often invest a lot of money into their stadium. The stadium represents not only a location where everyone can gather, but also added revenue for the various sporting events and entertainment that can be held there. In an era of high tech, it’s not enough to have a classy stadium, you must also have an electronic scoreboard that will wow the crowds. This isn’t the case at the Patriot Center at George Mason University; and no one is very happy about it.

If you take a look at the kind of entertainment that appears at the Patriot Center, one will be incredibly impressed. Well known stars of stage, screen, comedy, music and drama. The list is a who’s who of the entertainment world. The sports events that are held at the Patriot Center are also an array that would knock your socks off. With all of money invested in the art of getting these shows, why in the world do they have a 1980’s electronic scoreboard that is an embarrassment to both teams and school?