Charles Page High School Memorial Stadium: A stadium that almost wasn’t

Charles Page High School (CPHS) in Sand Springs Oklahoma is home of the “Sandites” and proud of it. This is a school where the sense of dignity and good old fashioned Americana runs deep. When the plans for their sports Memorial Stadium started showing budget cut backs, everyone came forward to help out.

The original stadium for the school was built in 1949 and it was not only showing it’s age, it was falling apart. School officials knew that a newer stadium was needed and they put a well-planned budget together. The demolition of the old and loved stadium was crowned with a last game and a ‘farewell rally’ with part of the expenses being allocated for the removal of the old stadium. Unfortunately, the economic situation of the country took a turn and didn’t play along with the budget. Additional funds were needed for a number of unexpected expenses and the project began to pull at the seams with little money left over for the desperately needed press box, scoreboard and lights.