Atlanta, Georgia

Many of us might view Atlanta, Georgia from the various well known movies. Home of the southern devotion in the civil war, with a history of slavery, towering mansions and Spanish moss covered trees blowing in the wind. But Atlanta is so much more than that and, in the last fifty years, has grown to be a major business and sports focus in the country. Atlanta proudly claims some of the best teams in the country and this is reflected in the highest quality stadiums and fields. They are especially proud of their basketball team and this is reflected in the excellence of game attendance and their basketball scoreboards.

Most people don’t realize that Birmingham, Alabama started out as a merger of three little farm towns. It was originally created as a center city where cheaper labor that was not related to a union as well as African American workers could work in the blasting furnaces and steel mill environment. Birmingham has had a checkered past, overcoming obstacles that would collapse most towns. Birmingham is an astounding swirl of sports fans of all venues: football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, motor sports, golfing and more. The scoreboards of any stadium, no matter what the team, are the highlight of the games.

Memphis: Cotton, Culture, Music and Sports

Memphis Tennessee conjures images of jazz, blues and country and western music. But Memphis is more than the sum of its parts; it is a city of strength that has overcome some of the most devastating odds to become a national treasure. Memphis also has a heart in sports, with the college teams at the center. Basketball is one of the most popular sports, and the Memphis Tigers from University of Memphis have an avid following. Memphis supports their teams with excellence in stadium attendance and basketball scoreboards.

Memphis was inhabited by Native American tribes for over ten thousand years. Various European groups found the locale to be a perfect jump point for ocean voyages to transport slaves. Memphis was named after its sister city in Egypt, as it shared the same kind of elevation and location near a major river. Originally home to a booming cotton and lumber trade, the inhabitants and infrastructure grew to accommodate the growth.