The 5 Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World (according to seating capacity)

The 5 Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World (according to seating capacity)

In this soccer scoreboards feature, I have listed the five biggest stadiums in the world, but they are not necessarily not used regularly, nor are they the best soccer stadiums in the world. What I am interested in here is pure seating capacity. When it comes to the biggest of the all, expect a surprise!

5. Camp Nou
Who hasn’t heard of this stadium? Camp Now which means ‘new field’ is the home stadium of the best club in the world, Barcelona. This stadium can accommodate 98,772 people and it has seen some amazing matches take place over the years. This is my favorite stadium in Europe. If you get a seat right at the top tier, the feeling is indescribable. The vastness of the stadium is simply awesome.

4. Azadi Stadium
Opened in 1971, Azadi Stadium is the home stadium for Iran. Though Iran is not a recognized as a great soccer nation it still has a stadium with a seating capacity of 100,000 people. Two Iranian clubs who share an intense rivalry have played out a number of historic matches here. This stadium is known as being extremely intimidating for visiting teams and it is the biggest stadium in the Middle East.

3. Estadio Azteca
Estadio Azteca is the home stadium for Mexico and is the only stadium to have hosted the World Cup Final twice i.e. in 1986 and in 1970. A number of historic matches have taken place in this stadium which includes the controversial Maradona goal, The Hand of God and also the Goal of the century by the same player. The Game of the Century between West Germany and Italy also took place in this stadium in the 1970 World Cup. The stadium has a seating capacity of 105,000.

2. Salt Lake Stadium
Salt Lake Stadium is located in Kolkata, India and is known as Yuva Bharati Krirangan. It is the largest stadium in the Indian Subcontinent and has a seating capacity of 120,000 people. It is a multi purpose stadium, however the main sport played here is soccer. The biggest Indian clubs play their matches in this stadium and to promote soccer in India and Asia, FIFA has scheduled a match between Argentina and Venezuela on 30th August 2011 which will feature the star player Lionel Messi.

1. Rungrado May Day Stadium
The stadium with the largest seating capacity is located in North Korea and can accommodate 150,000 people at a time. Surprised? I was too when I found out. It is a multi-purpose stadium and is most commonly used for Mass Games but soccer matches are also occasionally played out here. Famous for hosting Arirang performances, this stadium has also hosted matches of the North Korean soccer team. A monster of a stadium, and a beautiful one too.

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