The 6 Largest Soccer Stadiums in Europe

The 6 Largest Soccer Stadiums in Europe

On no continent in the world does soccer have as high a profile as it does in Europe. Therefore, in this feature on soccer scoreboards, I will list the largest soccer stadiums in Europe. Because of soccer’s popularity on this continent, it is hardly a surprise that it is a home to some of the world’s most prestigious and historic stadiums. Here are the biggest, and also the best soccer stadiums in Europe, and, possibly, in the world:

1. Barcelona, Spain – Camp Nou.
The FC Barcelona home stadium is definitely up there with the world’s best stadiums, and it is home to quite possibly the best soccer team in the world. Camp Nou, which means ‘New Field’ translated from Catalan, used to be a nickname for the stadium. It was called Estadi del Barcelona, but then the nickname became more popular than the name itself. The seating capacity of Camp Nou is almost 100,000 fans.

2. Moscow, Russia – Luzhniki Olympic Complex.
It is also referred to as Luzhniki Stadium for short, and it is Russia’s largest sports stadium. This facility can seat 78,360 spectators, and it used carry the name of Central Lenin Stadium in the Soviet times. The name of the stadium roughly translates as “The Meadows”, and it comes from the Moskva River bend meadows. The Luzhniki Stadium is used mainly by the Torpedo Moscow Club.

3. London, England – Wembley Stadium.
This is the home of association soccer. It is also the England national soccer team’s official home stadium, and it is known to host domestic finals and the semi-finals. Wembley Stadium has a seating capacity of some 90,000 fans, and it can even be used for hosting athletic events, although its capacity would have to go down by 30,000 in this case.

4. Saint Denis, France – Stade de France.
Capacity-wise, this is Europe’s third largest stadium. This is where the World Cup Final of 1998 was played. The stadium is used for association soccer, as well as rugby, and can seat 81,338 fans. This is also the French national football team’s home.

5. Madrid, Spain – Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.
This stadium is the Real Madrid C. F.’s home ground, and it is often referred to as simply the Bernabeu. The Madrid club owns and operates the stadium, and it has a seating capacity of 80,354 fans. This is the second biggest stadium in the country in terms of seating capacity.

6. Milan, Italy – San Siro (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza)
This stadium is the largest one in Italy, and it the home ground of Inter Milan and AC Milan – Italy’s and Europe’s biggest clubs. Its seating capacity is just over 80,000 and the two teams share the stadium.


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