The Importance of an Electronic Scoreboard for Calabasas High School

Calabasas High School

The Calabasas baseball team is known as The Coyotes. They are adamant about their game and even more devoted to the concept of team playing. Whether they win or lose, the Coyotes are bonded to working together. They also know how important an electronic scoreboard is for the game itself. When two of their fellow players passed away, they decided to do honor to them with a new scoreboard.

Calabasas is a beautiful little community, nestled in the Santa Monica hills outside of Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe that L.A. is such a short drive away, because this area is the exact opposite of the glitz, glamour and noise of the city. Unlike the often non-committal attitude of L.A. residents, the people that live in Calabasas know and care for each other. Many have been there for generations, having gone to school at Calabasas High School and now watching their kids and grandkids attend as well.

When two members of the Calabasas High School baseball team passed away, they made a decision to remember them in the best way they know. The presence of an electronic scoreboard for all the families and fans to see was a fitting tribute. Sam Rutherford, died due to the results of an enlarged heart and Michael Bevilacqua was killed in an accident involving a jet ski.

The importance of the scoreboard for any team is high on the list. The students and community began the process of raising money for the new scoreboard that would have their teammate’s names. The Coyote Club added their efforts in getting the word out to the entire area. It didn’t take long for everyone to rally for this commemorative honor and when the funds were raised, they decided to plan a ceremony for the honor.

Family members, current and former team members, students, faculty and members of Cops ‘N’ Jocks non profit organization came together for an emotional day. The families of the two fallen members were taken to home plate where the two jersey numbers were officially retired and presented to the families. The poster commemorating the event was also presented to the families. Cops ‘N ‘Jocks is a nonprofit organization that helps to keep athletes on the correct paths and out of trouble. The annual money that would have been donated to them by the City of Calabasas was forwarded to the effort of the new electronic scoreboard.

There wasn’t a dry eye on the field as the momentous event took place. In a day and age of empathy, the kids, parents and community of Calabasas High School demonstrated that people do band together. They have honored two of their finest students, friends and team mates and every time someone attends a baseball game, they will see Sam and Michael’s names. Calabasas High School along with the people of Calabasas has shown that there are still areas where people care about each other. The electronic scoreboard will stand the test of time and spur players on to do their best.

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