The Top 4 Best Baseball Players Who Were On A Roid Rage

The Top 4 Best Baseball Players Who Were On A Roid Rage

In a baseball scoreboards feature, we look at a dark side of the game of baseball, and recall the 4 moments that gave baseball fans their biggest ever shock.

Steroid abuse is a menace in all kinds of sports. Players, in an effort to get that, proverbial, extra mile or the extra edge over other players resort to pumping their bodies full of steroids. Steroids are drugs that include testosterone, which when taken in this artificial manner makes the players more aggressive and strong. Increasing your strength and aggressiveness by taking drug supplements is strictly forbidden in all sports, not to mention unethical, because a sport is about the raw ability and talent of each player. Artificially enhancing your strength leave the other players at an unfair disadvantage.

Baseball is one of the sports which has had a large number of steroid abuse cases among its players. Until recently, baseball players were not even asked to submit themselves for screening tests which can ascertain whether they were on a roid rage or not, which is why this era in baseball history has come to be known as the Steroid Era. When precautions were finally taken, players who we thought were the best turned out to be phonies and amped up on steroids. Suddenly the truth was flashing on the baseball scoreboards and across TV screens across the world! Fans were shocked and devastated. Who were the culprits?

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankee – it was a huge shock to all baseball fans when they found out that their baseball hero, whom many termed as the Savior of baseball, turned out to be the exact opposite. He was busted on 9th February 2009 by Jose Canseco. No one wanted to believe that this great player was in fact a phony, but armed with Jose Canseco’s (former roid rager) claims that ARod was on a roid rage too, coupled with ARod’s failed drug test, the fans had to finally believe that ARod is in fact a phony.

Roger Clemens, New York Yankees – Roger Clemens was considered to be the best “clean” pitcher of this era. His fastball was so fast, not to mention untouchable, that he was nicknamed The Rocket. However, on February 7th 2008 the fans found out exactly why The Rocket was so untouchable.

Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants – he was every fan’s idol, which is why when he was busted for steroid abuse on October 23rd 2003, fans of baseball all around the world were completely heart broken to find out that all of Barry Bonds achievements were not exactly his. This is why he is now considered to be the most hated man in the history of baseball.

Jose Canseco, Rangers – he was considered one of the most powerful hitters for about 13 years (the length of his career) and was known for busting players who walked within 20 feet of a steroid. On March 17th 2005, he decided to come clean and showed the entire world what a huge hypocrite and fake he was. Since then he has ousted many other players on a roid rage, including ARod.

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