The Top 4 Fastest Soccer Players in the FIFA World Cup 2010

The Top 4 Fastest Soccer Players In The Fifa World Cup 2010

In a soccer scoreboards feature, I have found out who the four fastest players are to have played in the 2010 World Cup.

The World cup last year was riddled with unexpected outcomes; the favorite teams failed to get past even the initial round (France and Italy) while, the underdogs (Netherlands) went on to the finals. This era’s soccer is all about speed; the speed at which the player can hit the ball, the speed at which he can run, the swiftness with which he can maneuver the ball, and last year’s World Cup was no different. Here is the list of players who were the fastest in the latest World Cup (and really nobody expected any different from them!):

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo – surprise, surprise! Ronaldo tops our list for the fastest soccer player in the last World Cup. Every soccer fan is aware of the many flicks and tricks this guy has up his sleeves (or should it be shorts?). Add a little spurt of speed to it and he is the King of the Ring (i.e. field). He was officially declared the fastest soccer player in the world by a study conducted almost 2 years ago. His free kicks have so much power behind them that they give nightmares to the goalies that have to face them.

2 – Arjen Robben – The soccer scoreboards showed that Holland reached the finals, and they were perched on the wings that this guy’s left footed kicks gave to the ball. Since his transfer from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich he has quickly graduated from an underachiever to a world class winger. Slower only by a fraction (.7 km per hour) than Ronaldo, Robben’s dribbling skills are second only to Messi. The extent of his speed and ability to hit the ball was witnessed when he scored directly from a corner kick in a game against Manchester United.

3 – Wayne Rooney – the leading scorer for Manchester United, Rooney may seem to be a bit on the bulky side but the man is anything but. He’s got a couple of really fast feet in those shoes, which propel him to a speed only .3 km per hour slower than Arjen Robben. He has shown increased maturity in his game coupled with his newfound ability to hit more precise headers, Rooney was among the English players who were relied on to take their national team all the way. It didn’t happen though, as the English team flopped.

4 –Aaron Lennon – another English player to make the list. Lennon is thought to be even better than Theo Walcott. Unlike Theo, Lennon has been able to not only use his speed to his advantage, but has also brought an improved crossing ability and technique into his game which is why he has been included as one of the fastest players of the 2010 World Cup.

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