The Top 5 Greatest Baseball Moments

The Top 5 Greatest Baseball Moments

In a baseball scoreboards feature, we look at the historical game of baseball, and some of its greatest moments. If you are a true, die hard baseball fan then you probably grew up watching the heroic and historic moments created by baseball players who not only made history, but became the history. There is one baseball player amongst these greats who will always stand out: Babe Ruth. He did not make history just once, but several times. There were other baseball players, as well, who left their mark on history. Here is the list of the top 5 historical baseball moments:

1. On October 6th 1926 the Yankee hitter, Babe Ruth most popularly known as the “Sultan of Swat”, hit 3 home runs in game 4 of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. The baseball scoreboards showed that the Yankees went on to win that game 10-5, but sadly Babe’s brilliance could not see them through to the championship title.

2. Next year on September 30th 1927, Babe Ruth broke a world record that would not be broken again for the next 34 years. Babe hit 60 home runs in the same season. What started out as a competition among two team mates, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, to see who hit the highest number of homers in the season, ended up as an amazing world record set by Babe Ruth.

3. On May 19th 1962, Stan Musial broke Honus Wagner’s record by registering his 3,431st hit which was recognized by the NL. Stan Musial made history as St. Louis beat the Dodgers by a humiliating 8-1, while Stan Musial’s hit his 9th inning single off Ron Perranoski.

4. In 1998, Mark Mcwire set a new world record of hitting 70 home runs in the same season, breaking the previous record made by Roger Maris. However, since his retirement he admitted to using steroids in the year he set the new record. The record might not have been set by an honest player, but it sure was a great landmark and that’s why its been marked as historical.

5. The 5th historical baseball moment is much closer to the present day. Every fan believed that the Red Sox had brought a curse on themselves since they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $300,000. The alleged curse prevented them from winning the championship ever since their last win in 1918, but they finally broke the cursed era in 2004 when they snatched victory, leaving the Bronx Bombers in a state of astonishment. Since then the Red Sox have gone on to win the 2007 title as well, reassuring the world that their curse has finally been lifted.

These 5 historical moments will be passed on for generations to come, engraving them deeper in baseball history.

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