Today’s Electronic Scoreboards: a Visual and Audio Experience

electronic scoreboards

Ever since the first high tech, surround sound, widescreen, oversized television came out with full home entertainment abilities, there has been a battle going on. The war started out within the sports stadium world when they realized so many people were staying at home to watch the games. There is a lot of money invested in a stadium game and attendance (or lack thereof) has a direct reflection on the revenue stream that pays for everything. Stadiums had to out trump the home entertainment industry by offering flashier, better, bigger, louder, prettier sports experiences.

The era of high tech has entered into all of our worlds and now, as consumers, we have begun to expect the very best at our team games. Gone are the days of just cheering for our team. Now we need to see instant replay in sharp colorful clarity with streaming video and sponsors wildly showing and offering their particular method of player support. Each game must be a show and each show must be flashier and better than the last. Stadiums have bought into the showmanship concept and it is paying off for them, big time.

As the cost of technology has decreased and the quality has increased, the idea of the sports event technology requirements are now appearing on the local school levels. Middle schools as well as high schools are purchasing electronic scoreboards that offer some of the best colors and technology abilities. Schools have realized that the stadiums had the right idea and there are sponsorship opportunities that can not only pay for the electronic scoreboard but offer continuing income to help pay for other sports and team related expenses.

Electronic scoreboards have changed from a location to simply see the score of your football team, to the up-to-the-minute, play-by-play visual extravaganza, complete with high quality audio. School fields and stadiums are offering their fans, parents and attendees the same kind of visual and audio experience that they would have in the larger venues. The electronic scoreboard has become a focal point of everything that is happening with instant replays, in case you missed it, in beautiful colorful LED lights. What is more exciting than attending a baseball game and presented with the static electricity of the play combined with the thrill of an entertainment experience of a well planned scoreboard presentation.

Schools are recognizing that an electronic scoreboard is a direct reflection on their pride of school, team and spirit. The team players as well as fans receive an overwhelming sense of worth as they view and hear the support. High tech is here to stay and our expectation levels seem to be more elevated than ever before. The right electronic scoreboard can change a home game into one with attitude that gives your fans the ability to cheer the team on and brings pride to everyone with a multi-sensory experience. It can truly allow any game to alter into an incredible memory that people will be talking about for years.

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