Top 5 NFL Jersey Sales – The Fans Have Spoken

Top 5 NFL Jersey Sales – The Fans Have Spoken

In a football scoreboards feature, we look at the most popular players in the NFL. We always hear who the top NFL players are, but these assessments are based on the the statistical analyses of the players only on the field. However, these analyses do not always reflect what the fans think about the players.The top players, according to the fans, are not necessarily the players with the best statistics, and are more based on their off and on field performances and personalities. So how can we find out who the fans really consider to be the best? The answer to this is quite simple yet ingenious at the same time: the top NFL jersey sales!

The NFL has a massive fan base of all ages from across the US, but this method only reflects the opinions of the younger to middle age audience, because how many old folks have you seen walking around sporting an NFL jersey? However, even then NFL jersey sales are considered to be the opinion of the masses. So, who do the masses hold the most supreme player in the NFL to be?

1. Bret Favre – Bret has been and remains among the top 5 NFL players whose jerseys always seem to be in production. This reflects Bret’s popularity and level of appreciation among the fans. Whether he was donning the colors and appearing on the football scoreboards of the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets or the Minnesota Vikings it didn’t matter to the fans; his jerseys were always a top seller.

2. Troy Polamalu – The fans hold Troy second in line after Bret. Troy has won over many fans not only for being one of the best defenders for the Pittsburg Steelers, but also for his long hair; the proof of which can be seen on national TV in the shape of his first ever shampoo commercial.

3. Michael Vick – Vick with his battery of recent legal troubles may have lost a few hundred in jersey sales, but he still manages to be among the NFL players with the very highest number of jerseys sold. It seems that the fans seem to admire this Philadelphia Eagles player for his ability to play in a variety of positions along with that of the quarterback.

4. Ben Roethlisberger – Ben is one of the most successful NFL players in the game. Ben has lead the Pittsburg Steelers to a couple of Super Bowl victories and became the youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl at the age of 23; it is small wonder that he should make the cut for the most sold NFL jerseys.

5. Peyton Manning – The Colts’ No. 18 jersey always seems to be in the top sellers list, which is why one might think every Indy fan would’ve bought it by now! However, despite losing the Super Bowl the fans still seem to love their quarterback.


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