Why does Your School or Team Need a Baseball Electronic Scoreboard?

There are those that keep a warm spot in their hearts for the sound and feel of the old time baseball game. There is a certain feeling of stability and a down home touch that we associate with the crack of the bat against the ball and the smell of the hot dogs in the air. Whether it was a hot day game or one of the cooler evening games, you never noticed the hard wood of the bleachers, and you patiently waited as each new score was flipped on the scoreboard.

We can hold those days as happy memories, but in today’s world, they are gone. We live in a society that not only uses but expects high technology with instant gratification ability. Seventy percent of Americans currently use smartphones to access the internet, talk to their friends, get directions, use their gps, text, use social media and download apps. New Millenials cannot imagine making a trip on a jet and using a paper ticket, because their ticket is on their smartphone for scanning. Mobile apps are bursting forth into our world faster than the marketing departments can release them. Sports stadiums around the world have installed the largest, flashiest, highest technology electronic scoreboards and complimentary lighting and sound systems so that they can bring the crowds away from their home entertainment systems.

So the question now stands: why does your school or team need a baseball electronic scoreboard? The answers are simple. First you need to realize that you need to keep up with the expectation levels of your fans. The price of high tech electronic scoreboards has come down, but the quality has increased exponentially. If you want to draw in the crowds, you have to offer them the kind of entertainment that they are accustomed to. The second reason is branding. A quality electronic scoreboard represents your school and your team. It will reflect the pride that you have and offer a sense of self-worth for the players. The third reason is, with a high tech scoreboard comes enhanced sponsorship opportunities. Businesses and organizations will line up to show their support and if you plan it well, you can even have recurring revenue streams that can offset the costs of other sports related items.

More and more middle schools and high schools are adding the kind of electronic scoreboards that used to only be available to the universities and colleges. They are already seeing a return on the investment with larger numbers of attendees and fans. Everyone wants to be at a baseball game when they know it will be filled with excitement, color, sound and fun. A well planned installation of your scoreboard may be one of the wisest decisions that you will make and the payoff is not only monetary, but will create the kind of experiences that today’s generations will remember for years to come. Getting a baseball electronic scoreboard for your school opens up an array of reasons, but the best one is that in the end, it’s the kids that win.

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