A New Electronic Scoreboard Can Pay for Itself

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When you are looking to purchase an electronic scoreboard, there are a number of factors that come into play. The desire to have everything on your ‘wish list’ may be counteracted by the perceived price. However, there are some important aspects of the newer high technology scoreboards that you need to consider, as they will often not only pay for themselves but, if chosen wisely, can offer opportunities for additional recurring revenue for your school, team or stadium.

The first aspect to review is the reduced energy costs from the LED lighting. These lights offer more sharp colors than ever before while saving you money with lowered electricity bills. Another favorite point of the LED light is the fact that it is incredibly long lasting. The old style bulbs had to be constantly replaced at high costs. The new LED bulbs have an average lifespan of around 100,000 hours (while saving you the extra dollars on low electrical use).

The older scoreboards were constructed of the best materials of the day, but they often ended up looking weathered and worn; especially if they were exposed to outdoor weather. New methods of enamel and painting, combined with higher quality materials have extended not only the life span of the electronic scoreboard, but the fact that it remains looking good after years of use and exposure.

Maintenance costs are also reduced as the new boards do not require the extensive maintenance that the older scoreboards did. Another area of savings is the new controllers are smaller, portable and don’t require dedicated electronic rooms. If you choose the wireless option, you are saving even more because you don’t have the cables or the expense of installing them.

Another major positive point for today’s technology driven scoreboards is their versatility for advertising and sponsorship. These options open up the doors for additional marketing and business interests that offer a return on investment that was never before seen. The technology itself can be presented in a variety of formats: long term, short term displays, video and ads. A well planned and executed sponsorship plan brings advertisers to the forefront as they want to show their support for their school or team and at the same time receive the kind of customer support in like, back to their business. Many schools are working together with their local community members to coordinate sponsor and advertising efforts that are combined with other marketing situations to support all parties. These can include t-shirts, cups, contests and a broad spectrum of opportunities to expand the branding of the sponsor, school and team.

The better quality manufacturers of electronic scoreboards offer personal counselors to assist you in your purchasing journey and may work in tandem or recommend partner companies that can help you with the marketing decisions that make the most sense for a good ROI.

Overall, you can get the selection of high tech, quality electronic scoreboard and using a little business sense, marketing and common sense, have the chance to let the scoreboard pay for itself.

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