Basketball Scoreboards: Making the Game Even Better

Basketball scoreboards

The enthusiasts of basketball take their sport very seriously. The stadiums, schools and recreation organizations are very aware of this and make every attempt to deliver a game experience that outweighs anything the fans could see if they stayed in front of their home theatre. Today’s electronic scoreboards for basketball and glitzier, flashier and completely designed to make the game an even better moment of excitement.

In the world of electronic scoreboards, you get what you pay for. There are a number of manufacturers that may come in cheap, but, that is exactly what you will get. While the costs of scoreboards have been considerably reduced, the cheaper boards have a shorter lifespan, offer fewer options and have a higher breakdown percentage. The original basketball scoreboards were the flip chart style. Someone manually flipped the numbers for each new point added to the score. These were followed by the light bulb style; controlled by a hardwired control box that at least offered a bit of a faster update.

Today’s electronic scoreboards include a lot more features. The first and most important is the LED display. A higher quality resolution in brilliant colors, with scoreboards that can be downsized in physical size to match the venue. The better manufacturers will work with a school or venue and offer a professional team to include lighting and audio features. These are important aspects to ensure the scoreboard is both seen and heard with the best quality. Portable versions are also available for the teams that travel and nothing gets the crowd going more at an away game, as the team that brings an electronic scoreboard that packs a wow-factor. Almost all scoreboard versions include customization of colors. Your school or team colors can be coordinated so that everyone recognizes the team that has the scoreboard.

The world of wireless has added a new ability to give the crowd minute-by-minute updates, along with video stream for replays. The better manufacturers offer options specific to basketball that will display both the scores and the time left per quarter. Additional features can include each teams count for fouls, the team that has the ball, a clock to register the shots and possibly even stats on the team players.

Don’t underestimate the power of sponsorship. This may be the best choice for spending just a bit more on a basketball electronic scoreboard. High res, quality video, ads and banners will have sponsors paying to have their names displayed. The sponsorship will not only help to pay for the scoreboard, but it will also offer continuing revenue for other team items. Sponsorship has become an entire marketing topic within basketball, because sponsors love showing their support and the exposure they get to the fans.

The expectation level of basketball fans is pretty high and they want to be entertained. The electronic scoreboard of today is a focal point of everything happening and the better the presentation, the more the attendance number increases for each game.


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