If you are reading this, you might be the person who was given the assignment to get your school or team a new electronic scoreboard. You probably don’t have any experience in making these choices, but you have been doing your homework and have pretty much made a list of what your dream electronic scoreboard will be. This will, of course, include all of the extra accessories. Now that you have totaled it up, the cost has made you raise your eyebrows and you are wondering how it will get paid for.

The answer to your query is one word: Sponsorship.

Basketball scoreboards

The enthusiasts of basketball take their sport very seriously. The stadiums, schools and recreation organizations are very aware of this and make every attempt to deliver a game experience that outweighs anything the fans could see if they stayed in front of their home theatre. Today’s electronic scoreboards for basketball and glitzier, flashier and completely designed to make the game an even better moment of excitement.

In the world of electronic scoreboards, you get what you pay for. There are a number of manufacturers that may come in cheap, but, that is exactly what you will get. While the costs of scoreboards have been considerably reduced, the cheaper boards have a shorter lifespan, offer fewer options and have a higher breakdown percentage. The original basketball scoreboards were the flip chart style. Someone manually flipped the numbers for each new point added to the score. These were followed by the light bulb style; controlled by a hardwired control box that at least offered a bit of a faster update.


It is no secret that Texans have an intense sense of pride in their state. It doesn’t seem to matter about the topic you are talking about in Texas; the people of that area seem to feel that everything in Texas must be bigger, flashier and better than anywhere else. Texans have a lot to be proud of when it comes to sports. They have some of the best teams in the country and they make sure they invest the dollars needed to show their support. The Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas has to be included in that concept as they have gone over the top to have a total of seven electronic scoreboards, two with video replay.


Any attendee of a sports game of today knows how important an electronic scoreboard is. In the past, a scoreboard was just a place to post the scores, but today’s scoreboard has actually become an integral part of the game itself. So what are we tech-savvy fans looking for when we walk into a stadium or on a field today?

To begin with, if you have gone to a larger stadium game, you are hit with the view of some of the largest and most visually attractive scoreboards that are available. Pre-game presentations are all part of the marketing and the vibrant colors, splashing sponsor names, videos and ads; along with streaming news around the stadium is almost overkill. Today, these are the same screens that are used in gala musical concerts and events, so the sound systems must also be impeccable. Some might say that the average fan that attends multiple events might become numb to these visual and auditory effects, but, this would actually be hard to believe.

Lafayette Louisiana is the center for Cajun and Creole. The influences of this city have changed much of the culture and cuisine of the entire country. This is a part of the U.S. that is proud of its history and has roots deeply embedded in the city that they love and this is exemplified in their love of their university sports teams. Sports fans will argue which is tops: basketball, soccer, ice hockey or football; but the stadiums seem to be filled, no matter what the sport.

The original inhabitants of the area now designated as Lafayette included a number of Native American tribes. The records show that there wasn’t the influx of Europeans to this area as in other parts of the country. However, by around 1765, there was a larger group of Acadians that arrived to New Orleans from Nova Scotia. The local lands were then governed by Spanish and French, and the officials offered expanses of land to the new arrivals in the Lafayette area.

Do NBA players have all the control?

In a basketball scoreboards feature, we take a look at the dark side of the great game of basketball; player power. The individualistic nature of the game has now reached an extreme level, and the clubs, and fans are left suffering.

NBA players nowadays have more control than the management. They request their respective clubs to trade or not to trade them and the contracts means that their clubs have to bow down to their needs. The question is this..why are the players given this kind of power? Well, there is no obvious answer, other than the fact that today’s players are not only basketball players, but also celebrities off the court. They are in demand by big companies for endorsing their products and they are highly paid brand ambassadors.