Electronic Scoreboards: Is it Just Posting the Numbers or do the Fans Want More?


Any attendee of a sports game of today knows how important an electronic scoreboard is. In the past, a scoreboard was just a place to post the scores, but today’s scoreboard has actually become an integral part of the game itself. So what are we tech-savvy fans looking for when we walk into a stadium or on a field today?

To begin with, if you have gone to a larger stadium game, you are hit with the view of some of the largest and most visually attractive scoreboards that are available. Pre-game presentations are all part of the marketing and the vibrant colors, splashing sponsor names, videos and ads; along with streaming news around the stadium is almost overkill. Today, these are the same screens that are used in gala musical concerts and events, so the sound systems must also be impeccable. Some might say that the average fan that attends multiple events might become numb to these visual and auditory effects, but, this would actually be hard to believe.

If you attend a school game, whether high school or college, you will find that the fans are actually looking for the same kind of technologies. The electronic scoreboard of today offers an incredible return on investment for the school in sponsorship and it encourages a higher attendance. We look to the scoreboard for minute-by-minute replays, videos of the crowd and favorite moments of not only this game, but the winning moments of our favorite team players.

One cannot say which sport may have the best fans; whether football, baseball, soccer, basketball or any of the sports, each one has devotees that will argue the highest popularity and fans. However, there is one thing they all have in common. Today’s fan is looking to experience the wow-factor. They want the best of technology, the highest visual and audio and the ability to view the results via their smartphones. For those alumni that cannot attend, they also want to view the actual game on their smartphones and pad devices. There are social media pages for both pre and post game as well as commentaries. The electronic scoreboard of today needs to be wireless, so the techs can travel throughout the game with live video.

Sponsorship is a biggy, so the scoreboard manufacturer needs to be flexible in the kind of marketing needs that will accommodate every venue. In the larger basketball stadiums, it’s not uncommon to see an entire marketing blitz coordinated with the scoreboard and streaming feed. Whether you are sitting in your seat or going to get a drink at the concession stand, the marketing is everywhere and this results in some major dollars for the stadium, the team and the sponsors.

Yes, we fans of today’s sports are very spoiled. We at least want the same kind of high resolution, glitzy drama that we can view on our big screen televisions at home, but at the stadium or field, we are looking for more; a lot more. Today’s electronic scoreboard technology needs to be the top of the line and is now part of our entertainment and social world.

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