Your Dream Scoreboard and Getting it Paid For

If you are reading this, you might be the person who was given the assignment to get your school or team a new electronic scoreboard. You probably don’t have any experience in making these choices, but you have been doing your homework and have pretty much made a list of what your dream electronic scoreboard will be. This will, of course, include all of the extra accessories. Now that you have totaled it up, the cost has made you raise your eyebrows and you are wondering how it will get paid for.

The answer to your query is one word: Sponsorship.

In today’s world of sports, sponsorship is everywhere. You see it on the sneakers that the basketball players wear, plastered all over professional race driver’s cars and suits, in every stadium and field. Sponsors know the power of the visual experience when combined with the excitement of a sports event. Nothing is more supported than school sports (with the exception, of course, of some of the favorite professional leagues). The answer to paying for everything we view in the world of sports relies solely on the sponsors.

Today’s high technology electronic scoreboards offer an array of sponsorship opportunities. The variations depend upon the scoreboard that you are getting, but even the smaller portable electronic scoreboards may have some sponsorship options. The attitudes of advertising and sponsors have made some major changes in the last ten or so years and are completely accepted now, even within school environments.

If you are involved in a school or team scoreboard selection, you probably already have booster clubs and organizations in place that are experienced in working with local businesses for sponsorship. The electronic scoreboard offers so many incentives for a business to get their name and message out to the fans. Everyone knows the power of supporting our local teams and this in turn will come back to the business with increased revenue. It is a win for everyone.

If you gather your team together and set up a plan, you can coordinate sponsorship with long and short term opportunities so that it pays for your dream electronic scoreboard completely. You will need to have a number of people that can work with you in the planning and presentation stages, but the good news is, this initial work will be time well invested. Conferring with the manufacturer of your electronic scoreboard is also very important. The professional companies have experienced counselors that will offer information and guidance.

Working with your school organizations and school board, you can offer a completed plan with the proof that it won’t cost the school any financial investment. However, the savvy individual may wish to include the fact that after the scoreboard is paid for, there will be a recurring revenue stream that could pay for other sports related expenses. This will catch the eye of every member of the board, and you may find additional funds made available to you. (which could pay for that fantastic audio system you wanted to compliment the scoreboard)

Whether you are planning the scoreboard for a football, basketball, baseball, hockey or swim team, it’s ultimately the teams and fans that will love you for your devotion to getting them the very best.

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