Fundraising for a new electronic scoreboard

Fundraising for a new electronic scoreboard

Recognition of the importance of electronic scoreboards has now reached front and center of attention. Team managers, sponsors and advertisers know that a good electronic scoreboard can be the hit of a game and bring additional revenue to the team and school. It is always a major hurtle to address the cost of such a venture, and the typical way is to organize a group of people that will not only head the project but work on fundraiser events.

A local school team is usually supported by the school and the residents. When a community sees a group putting their efforts into multiple fundraisers with the backing of volunteers, students and faculty, everyone joins the band wagon to help.

Fundraisers for new electronic scoreboards run the gamut of ideas. In today’s virtual world this also means coordinating everything through social media. Setting up a Facebook page with pictures of the potential new scoreboard in a visual method and getting everyone in the town and community to ‘like’ the page. This should be coordinated with a website devoted to the electronic scoreboard fundraiser topic with links to the social media page(s).

Some of the most common fundraiser concepts will include a popular eating get together such as spaghetti dinners or a small festival with concession stands. Raffles are also an excellent idea because it represents a small dollar investment from each person. The item to be raffled is usually donated and could be an excellent advertising focus. Other ideas that have become more popular are ‘silent auctions’. This brings a larger group of supporters into one location and can be coordinated with concession stands.

Coordinating local businesses in the larger donation arena is very important. The donations can be exchanged for a specific amount of advertising or sponsorship on the new electronic scoreboard. Another idea is to work with local non-profit organizations to solicit combination donations. This is appealing in a number of areas, because it demonstrates financial support that is deductible.

If there are any well-known sports celebrities in the community, they will usually assist by adding their name to an event for a drawing or drive. Other well known figures or celebrities will also join in to offer help. This could be a lunch or dinner with the individual, front row attendance at a sports event or concert or an afternoon at the person’s home. This type of fundraiser also usually draws more attention and updates can be fed via the Facebook page as well as daily ‘tweets’ on Twitter.

Personal donations are always an excellent concept. In the case of a very large donation, the electronic scoreboard could actually be ‘named’ in honor of an individual, family or even someone who has passed. This represents a legacy that goes beyond just a financial investment and touches the heart and soul of those in the community.

Local newspaper, television and radio coverage remains one of the highest topics. The more attention the fundraiser receives on each event equals a higher attendance and participation.

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