Social Media and the net: Electronic Scoreboards

There is no denying it; we are in a tsunami of social media and internet awareness around the world. From political events in the news to sport events in local and national games, every person is checking their Facebook and Twitter updates and communicating like never before seen in the history of humanity. Keeping up with this technology race in the electronic scoreboard arena is pretty much a no-brainer, and benefits all that are involved.

Coordinating electronic scoreboards with the internet and social media involves a deliberate and well though out marketing plan. The electronic scoreboards of today do have the ability to do wifi net feeds, but, there is more that is involved than sending information to a page. If you are involved in the project of adding electronic scoreboard information to the net, you need to understand the psychology and differences.

Fundraising for a new electronic scoreboard

Recognition of the importance of electronic scoreboards has now reached front and center of attention. Team managers, sponsors and advertisers know that a good electronic scoreboard can be the hit of a game and bring additional revenue to the team and school. It is always a major hurtle to address the cost of such a venture, and the typical way is to organize a group of people that will not only head the project but work on fundraiser events.

A local school team is usually supported by the school and the residents. When a community sees a group putting their efforts into multiple fundraisers with the backing of volunteers, students and faculty, everyone joins the band wagon to help.