Lexington, KY: Hot on Baseball and Ranks 10th for Education in the U.S.

Lexington, KY: Hot on Baseball and Ranks 10th for Education in the U.S.

The city of Lexington may now be known as the center for horse and race excellence, but anyone who visits or lives in the area knows that there is a rich variety of sports and sports enthusiasts. The Kentucky Wildcats have over twenty two varieties of sports. While residents will often debate which is most popular, basketball and baseball seem to be the main sports that attracts fans. The baseball games are currently the most popular with the results posted on the baseball scoreboards and great attendance of every game.

Originally named for the Lexington, Massachusetts victory, the concept for the town was put on hold as they built stockades to defend against Native American and British attacks. The evolution of this area eventually changed to taking advantage of the Bluegrass fields as a world wide center for the breeding of some of the world’s finest horses.

Anyone that has ever visited the Lexington, Kentucky area is left with an indelible memory. Striking beauty of the gently rolling hills, with field after field of simply breathtaking ranches and homes. As you enter the city itself, it is hard to believe that the area participated in the slave labor past. Lexington, however, differed from most cities of that time in that the slaves were mostly artisans and domestic servants. Lexington set itself apart as not only a city with the largest population of African Americans but also the largest concentration of those that were free.

The growth of Lexington is thanks to the many politicians and residents that loved their city. The encouragement of change from a railroad concentric town to a commercial and light industrial focus paved the way for Lexington to retain the beauty and charm of the area and yet bring businesses in that would encourage investment.

The climate of the area is the main reason that the famous ‘bluegrass’ of Kentucky flourishes. This lush blue tinted grassland gives you an almost magical view of one of the country’s most beautiful areas. The horse ranch is not just a ranch in Lexington; it is the home of pride and dignity. A passerby will see that every horse that is seen is an example of perfection. The people of Lexington take their equestrian interests as not only a focus, but a passion. Lexington is home to some of the nation’s most famous horse races as well as international winners.

Education is paramount in Lexington, as it continues to hold its rank of tenth in the United States for those individuals most educated. The city proudly displays its colleges, universities, libraries, museums and the arts. The history of bluegrass music has its roots in Lexington. They have numerous annual festivals celebrating their musical and artistic history. Both college and professional sports are a key element in Lexington. The city has produced many notable players in the athletic world, incliuding quite a few hall-of-famers. Proof of their enthusiasm is the fact that almost every game is packed and the each new point on the baseball scoreboards brings cheers from the fans that compare to no other.

There is an air of elegance in the city of Lexington. Everywhere you turn is the beauty, grace and charm of a people embedded in the love of their town and their history. The intensity of the passion for the equestrian extends to everything in the city itself. The cityscape compliments the area and the people. Lexington is a place unlike any other in the country, and a visitor soon finds themselves feeling a warm welcome and a part of the town. Some say it is the mystery of the bluegrass itself, while others say it is just the nature of the people that live there. Whatever your opinion, Lexington is a place that you will never forget.


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