Louisville, Kentucky: The Northern Most Southern State

Northerners consider Louisville a southern state and southerners call it the northern most southern state. Wherever your opinions lay, Louisville is a city most notably known for their love of horses, their music and the incredible hospitality. Louisville is also home to some of the best sports teams around. The varius stadiums have been built with the highest tech basketball scoreboards and baseball views.

Louisville was named after King Louis XVI, of France as their troops were helping the Americans during the Revolutionary War against the British. The original site was actually settled due to a geological occurrence. It was the point where people had to stop river travel due to the Falls of Ohio rapids. The settlement grew up around the stopping point and continued to grow as river travel increased.

Lexington, KY: Hot on Baseball and Ranks 10th for Education in the U.S.

The city of Lexington may now be known as the center for horse and race excellence, but anyone who visits or lives in the area knows that there is a rich variety of sports and sports enthusiasts. The Kentucky Wildcats have over twenty two varieties of sports. While residents will often debate which is most popular, basketball and baseball seem to be the main sports that attracts fans. The baseball games are currently the most popular with the results posted on the baseball scoreboards and great attendance of every game.

Originally named for the Lexington, Massachusetts victory, the concept for the town was put on hold as they built stockades to defend against Native American and British attacks. The evolution of this area eventually changed to taking advantage of the Bluegrass fields as a world wide center for the breeding of some of the world’s finest horses.