Miami, Florida: Exciting, Fun and Tops in Football

Miami, Florida: Exciting, Fun and Tops in Football

Miami, Florida is a hub of sun, fun and multicultural experiences. While it may be one of the nation’s largest banking centers, the beach is what is most known for. Over the years it has made many changes, but has also maintained the look and feel that is uniquely Miami. Few cities in the country have as many hot sports teams as Miami. They are known world wide for their famous football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams. But anyone in the U.S. knows that football is the name of the game in Miami. The stadiums and the highest tech football scoreboards give viewers a global view of the best games around.

Very few may know that the Miami, Florida area was actually first inhabited for over a thousand years by a Native American tribe called the Tesquestas. The influences of the Spanish after it was claimed as a port for Spain began the first part of the journey for this lovely area. The strange subtropical wilderness later attracted Julia Tuttle, where she designed the city known as Biscayne Bay Country. Miami is the only city in the United States ever conceived by a woman. Her influence over railroad industrialist, Henry Flagler resulted in the building of the East Coast Railway.

With the railroad came the construction of hotels and resorts. The area began to prosper as the elite of the world enjoyed the balmy Miami weather for their get-a ways and vacations. The Great Depression, combined with the Miami Hurricane in 1926 took its toll on Miami and the land and construction boom came to a halt. The close proximity to Cuba and its thriving economy brought many Cuban influences to the area. This added to the wonderful mix of cultures that were already experienced in the town. This however changed when Fidel Castro took over Cuba in 1959 and created an increase in the Cuban population seeking escape from the dictator.

As the city grew, the local government took great care to protect their natural resources. The Miami area is home to some of the most beautiful aviaries, coral reefs and wetlands in the world. The many parks and gardens that are speckled throughout are a great pride of the people of Miami and the State of Florida.

The combination of culture arts, thriving economy and beautiful weather and beaches have drawn visitors from around the world. The Cuban influence as well as the uniquely colored buildings and plazas introduce the visitor to an eclectic array of food and fun. Miami is also known for its contribution to music, bringing the Cuban flavors to influence musical styles throughout the country. Well known celebrities and artists have developed centers for the arts, theatre and music and Miami has developed into a main hub for everything cultural. More recently, the area known as South Beach has hit the charts as being one of the hottest spots for singles to visit. The night time clubs and activities attract a variety of people seeking the warm nights and moving rhythms that only Miami can offer.

When it comes to the topic of sports, the Miami teams have an intense following of their fans. Their devotion has led to some of the most quality, high tech stadiums in the country that support teams of absolute excellence. The people of Miami love their football team with an absolute fervor. For many years, the football scoreboards were a focus for the competitive games that led their team to victory. But Miami has kept pace with every sport, with teams that rival most in the country for every venue.

A visit to the Miami area will leave you with an almost otherworldly feeling. There isn’t anywhere else like it – and their people know and love it.


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