Hattiesburg, Mississippi may have a history embedded in the lumber industry, but it’s the location and beauty of the area that has drawn residents and visitors alike.  It may therefore be surprising to find out that Hattiesburg has also played an important role in U.S. Government Cold War activities and that they are avid sports fans. The University of Southern Mississippi proudly calls its home in Hattiesburg and they are proud of the M.M. Roberts Stadium, home to The Golden Eagles football team.  This pride is seen at any given game, with all eyes on the football scoreboards to cheer their team on.

Huntington, West Virginia

Huntington is a city blended with the rich history of the past combined with the excellence of today’s modern town. The atheletic department of Marshall University is the most grounding factor for sports in the area. The Big Sandy Superstore Arena boasts one of the best indoor football stadiums in the country. High tech football scoreboards, plenty of seats for the fans.

Huntington has its roots and history well founded in the railroad. The original settlement of around 1775 was known as Holderby’s Landing. This was a very small town however it was known for their normal school, Marshall College. This school became the springboard for the future of the area, with a focus on education and advancement.

Tallahassee, Florida: The Old Fields with a New Face

Tallahassee Florida has a unique distinction of its location in the panhandle. The geography has been an advantage throughout its history, enabling it to serve as a gateway for both the State of Florida and entrance into the other states. Tallahassee’s claim to fame is not just as the State Capital, but on their focus on higher education. It is the center for colleges, universities and scholastic endeavors. This is always blended with their intense love of their sports teams. As a center for college and university life, Tallahassee has some of the fiercest sports event competitions in the country. Football is one of the top games in Tallahasse, and very game is attended by overwhelming crowds with football scoreboards lit to join the excitement.

Miami, Florida: Exciting, Fun and Tops in Football

Miami, Florida is a hub of sun, fun and multicultural experiences. While it may be one of the nation’s largest banking centers, the beach is what is most known for. Over the years it has made many changes, but has also maintained the look and feel that is uniquely Miami. Few cities in the country have as many hot sports teams as Miami. They are known world wide for their famous football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams. But anyone in the U.S. knows that football is the name of the game in Miami. The stadiums and the highest tech football scoreboards give viewers a global view of the best games around.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans may be the center of the Mardis Gras, but anyone that visits the city soon learns of the rich and harshly fought history of the people that live there. A multicultural soup of varying people and lifestyles in the heart of the south, and a city unlike anything else in the country. The staunch strength of the residents is displayed in the resounding pride of their town, because it you originate in New Orleans, you will never call anywhere else as your home. New Orleans is also host to some of the best sports teams in history. Super Bowl Football scoreboards have been lit with the intensity of games that have gone down in the halls of fame. Basketball and Roller Derby games are also nearly sold out, because New Orleans loves their sports.

While you might think of Parkersburg as the home for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, there is more to this city than the government installation. This historic area of West Virginia brings the beauty of its natural landscape with the modern attitudes of today. This is a city of history, beauty and the pride in their Wood County Ravens football team. The people of Parkersburg love sports and the football scoreboards that show their team’s victories.

Originally named Newport, there were conflicts of opinion regarding confusion with other local towns of similar names. Parkersburg became a center hub during the Civil War days with its location as part of the railway service. The town prospered with added interests of both gas and oil companies. Post war days continued to bring growth to the area.

Michigan Stadium takes message board to another level

While some schools are having a debate as to whether advertising and marketing should be included on sports electronic scoreboards, Michigan Stadium seems to be completely oblivious to this argument. The stadium has instituted a new program to offer electronic message displays. Anyone can participate, for a price.

You have to give credit to the University of Michigan. They know that their games are some of the most watched games as well as most highly attended. They are taking full advantage of that fact and offering the general public the ability to post a message, in full view of thousands of attendees and millions that view on broadcast.

The U of M is encouraging people to post anniversary, birthday, and even proposals for marriage. The price is pretty reasonable. For a $200 fee, you get up to fifty characters (including spaces). They guarantee the message will be posted twice during the game: the first display will be between the first quarter and the second quarter and the second will appear during halftime ending. Each message will last a total of five seconds and there is a max of fifteen messages per game. All messages are previewed for content prior to acceptance.

The 3 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums

In this football scoreboards feature, I will take a look at the most expensive football stadiums ever built. And we are talking big money! Ever wondered why that ticket costs so much? Well, partly its because the players are vastly (let’s face it!) overpaid, but partly because these stadiums just cost so much! Teams pay back stadium construction costs over decades.

3) Madison Square Garden.
This NFL stadium has been voted as the most famous in America according to a variety of factors. When it was first built in 1968, it cost a massive $123 million, which was actually worth a lot more back then. However, it was a good deal for New York City itself. The city’s main train hub, Penn Station, was included with the arena project at the time. This additional expense is what has driven the price of the stadium up, and today it is worth over a billion dollars. One of the major expenses of constructing the venue is infrastructure development. Such projects require that cities change things around significantly in order to make room for the new development. However, that is not the main factor in such high costs of construction. It is the more basic needs of the stadium (like football scoreboards, for example) that drive up construction budgets.

The 5 Best NFL Stadiums to Visit

Watching football is without doubt the favorite pastime in the US. It is in fact a Sunday tradition – who doesn’t love to watch a football match on a lazy Sunday when you have nothing to do other than relax?! Best of all is, of-course, if you can get to the stadium and see the game live – and truly experience the sport and the incredible atmosphere that it generates. In this football scoreboards feature, I have selected what in my opinion are the best 5 football stadiums to visit.

5. Lambeau Field
The home stadium of the Green Bay Packers is the only arena with a true retro look in the entire league. To watch a match in the oldest football stadium is surely an amazing experience! The arena is jam packed with passionate fans cheering for their team who come out even in the extremely cold weather of Green Bay to support their team. The stadium is named after a Packer’s player, founder and coach, Curly Lambeau who died in 1965.

The 5 Best College Football Stadiums

In this football scoreboards feature, I have listed the 5 best college football stadiums ever built. They are the best because they are the most historic, the most beautiful, the most impressive, but above all, because in these stadiums, more than in any other, you can really feel the heart soul of the great institution of college football.

1) Wisconsin – Camp Randall
This stadium is located on a historic site. During the Civil War, a Union Army training camp stood in its place. The Badgers will make sure you remember this fact, since each one of their games already feels like a war. The Fifth Quarter at Camp Randall will be an experience of its own – in the stands there is a 20-minute post game party, and a band plays The Chicken Dance or something silly like that. Between the third and fourth quarters “Jump Around” by House of Pain comes on, and you’d better be jumping if you happen to be there. Otherwise, you’ll be an outsider.