New Orleans, Louisiana: The Strength of The Big Easy

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans may be the center of the Mardis Gras, but anyone that visits the city soon learns of the rich and harshly fought history of the people that live there. A multicultural soup of varying people and lifestyles in the heart of the south, and a city unlike anything else in the country. The staunch strength of the residents is displayed in the resounding pride of their town, because it you originate in New Orleans, you will never call anywhere else as your home. New Orleans is also host to some of the best sports teams in history. Super Bowl Football scoreboards have been lit with the intensity of games that have gone down in the halls of fame. Basketball and Roller Derby games are also nearly sold out, because New Orleans loves their sports.

New Orleans was originally named after a regent of France called the Duke of Orleans. A large population of French influenced the building style and architecture of the area. It continued its growth with an influx of other Europeans, including the Irish and Germans. During the antebellum era, the logistics of its port offered the ability to become the center for the slave trade. A large population of Haitians was eventually brought to New Orleans.

The blend of cultures gave New Orleans it’s unique language and religions. French is a common language and the Haitian influence, combined with the European has created an environment that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The post war era brought enormous changes to the area, but not all were a positive for the community. Growth was slow, work was hard to find. It wasn’t until the late 19th and early 20th century that New Orleans found its place as a center for the railroad and became known as one of the cities included in the famous Sun Belt name.

Most notably, New Orleans is known as the home of jazz. If you have ever visited New Orleans you know that this is a place that loves their music. Jazz is at the heart and soul of New Orleans and one cannot help but be caught up in the dizzying excitement. The only thing that equals their music is the excellence and diversity of food. The many cultures that have influenced New Orleans have also given the area the best of cuisine.

The hardest times for New Orleans have been the striking of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the area. New Orleans paid a heavy price for the lack of well planned and invested protection. The population of the area could not survive with so much devastation and flooding. The people, often in the lower economic brackets, also did not have the insurance to help rebuild. It has taken a long time, but thanks to the resilience of its people and the aid from around the country and world, New Orleans is slowly coming back. People that call it home cannot stay away. Its residents find the call to return too strong and are helping to rebuild their beloved city.

The sound of jazz is continuing to stream from windows and clubs and the people of New Orleans struggle every day to bring their city back. New Orleans demonstrates the strength of an area, and also the strength of our country. Throughout everything, the people of New Orleans have returned to their city to revive it and bring it back to life. Nothing says this more than the stadiums and fields that are now filled with enthusiastic sports fans. Football scoreboards are once again lit, basketball and roller derby teams are playing like never before.


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