The 3 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums

The 3 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums

In this football scoreboards feature, I will take a look at the most expensive football stadiums ever built. And we are talking big money! Ever wondered why that ticket costs so much? Well, partly its because the players are vastly (let’s face it!) overpaid, but partly because these stadiums just cost so much! Teams pay back stadium construction costs over decades.

3) Madison Square Garden.
This NFL stadium has been voted as the most famous in America according to a variety of factors. When it was first built in 1968, it cost a massive $123 million, which was actually worth a lot more back then. However, it was a good deal for New York City itself. The city’s main train hub, Penn Station, was included with the arena project at the time. This additional expense is what has driven the price of the stadium up, and today it is worth over a billion dollars. One of the major expenses of constructing the venue is infrastructure development. Such projects require that cities change things around significantly in order to make room for the new development. However, that is not the main factor in such high costs of construction. It is the more basic needs of the stadium (like football scoreboards, for example) that drive up construction budgets.

2) The Cowboys Stadium.
This one is brand new and was constructed with the help of someone who had a very large disposable income. Jerry Jones, the owner of Dallas Cowboys, who had taken the 196th place on the list of the richest Americans, had had a long-time dream to provide his team with a better place to play. He ended up spending a whopping $1.2 billion on the construction of the new stadium, which took almost five years to complete. The new Cowboys Stadium boasts a retractable roof, as well as retractable end-zone doors, which are claimed to be the largest in the world. Each one of these doors consists of five glass panels. These panels can close and open in 18 minutes and they are 180 feet wide and 129 feet high. According to Jones’ estimate, more than half the game-day spectators will use those large openings to enter the stadium. In addition, the stadium will have 1,600 toilets, an enormous line-up of concession stands (286 to be exact), and it will also feature 200 suites. Above the middle of the field, the largest in the world hi-definition video screen is the pride of the stadium. Flairs such as these ones will make going the Cowboys Stadium a memorable event for the fans.

1) The New Yankee Stadium.
This brand new stadium in the Bronx cost over $1 billion to complete, which is quite a hefty price for a stadium, to put it midly. An abundance of concession stands and thousands of toilets are just the beginning of the features of the new Yankee Stadium. It also boasts a steakhouse, a martini bar, and 60 luxury suites.

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