The 5 Best College Football Stadiums

The 5 Best College Football Stadiums

In this football scoreboards feature, I have listed the 5 best college football stadiums ever built. They are the best because they are the most historic, the most beautiful, the most impressive, but above all, because in these stadiums, more than in any other, you can really feel the heart soul of the great institution of college football.

1) Wisconsin – Camp Randall
This stadium is located on a historic site. During the Civil War, a Union Army training camp stood in its place. The Badgers will make sure you remember this fact, since each one of their games already feels like a war. The Fifth Quarter at Camp Randall will be an experience of its own – in the stands there is a 20-minute post game party, and a band plays The Chicken Dance or something silly like that. Between the third and fourth quarters “Jump Around” by House of Pain comes on, and you’d better be jumping if you happen to be there. Otherwise, you’ll be an outsider.

2) Washington – Husky Stadium
This stadium has been referred to as a ‘visual stunner’. From the open end of the stadium there is a spectacular view over the Cascade Mountains and Lake Washington. The stadium has a unique design: over two thirds of all the seats are located between the end zones, and they are covered by metal roofs. The Husky Stadium is also considered the loudest stadium in history, with a recorded 135 decibels during one of the games.

3) Michigan – Michigan Stadium (The Big House)
This stadium lives up to its name – ‘The Big House’ is the second biggest college stadium in the U.S., and it has the capacity to fit 106,000 fans. One of the most important aspects at this stadium is history as well. It happens to be the home of one of the greatest rivalries in sports of all time. When Michigan plays Ohio State and The Big House, it’s an event worth seeing.

4) Nebraska – Memorial Stadium
The most memorable thing from this stadium is the sea of red will see as you enter it, since all the fans will be wearing it. And then come the balloons after the first touchdown. When they are released, the whole thing feels like a big holiday, like New Year’s Eve. The town of Lincoln is also a great place for the Memorial Stadium as it has one of the best college atmospheres in the country.

5) Tennessee – Neyland Stadium
College football may not have seen such a gorgeous scene yet. It’s a beautiful stadium in a beautiful place, and it has a variety of game-day traditions, which will attract your attention regardless of how much you’re interested in the game. For example, there is the Volunteer Navy float or the mobbing of the players as they enter the stadium. Choruses of “Rocky Top” will sound as well. It has the capacity of 104,000, but the stadium never feels too big.

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