There are professionals that study everything, from the manner in which someone views a computer screen all the way to the priority items at a baseball game. Studies have shown that the two most viewed areas at a baseball game are home plate and the scoreboard. While home plate will always be a mainstay, a lot of science as well as art have gone into the electronic scoreboard of today.

I remember going to baseball games in the 1960’s. In those days there was a manual scoreboard, flipped with each increasing homerun for the team that made the score. If it was a larger game, there was usually a logo for a sponsor, but that was about it. Years later, electronics entered the fray and the old flip board was replaced with large light bulbs that were controlled from a remote hardwired box. Again, if it was a larger field, a sponsor ad might be in lights, but that was about it.

Arlington, Virginia: A Nation's Pride

Arlington, Virginia conjures visions of things in today’s world. The most notably might be the Arlington National Cemetery, but there is a rich history in the forming of the city of Arlington. The city skyline is a blend of the past, present and future; greatly influenced by its proximity to the nation’s capital and the government itself. The many colleges and Marymount University contribute to the city’s intense love of education and sports; specifically football and baseball. However, the city’s past may surprise you to find out that it was actually formed to avoid a potential conflict on the topic of slavery.

High-Tech scoreboard

Whether you live in a small rural community or a larger urban city, almost every high school in the country is buying into the concept of high tech electronic scoreboards. With enhanced technologies and lowering costs, the fans that attend their local favorite team games are being enticed even more as the newer, fancier, flashier scoreboards are added to the schools.

Any electronic scoreboard manufacturer will confirm that when a recreation area, field or stadium is built, it is part of the process to include an area for a scoreboard. The planning of a sports venue understand that the spectators want to have the best technologies and offer an better experience than watching on their home screens. Today’s home theatres offer high quality resolution, surround sound, instant replays and commentaries. The fans of today want that, and more. The schools want to have the same visual and audio excitement as they experience in the big league games, and the electronic scoreboards are a major portion of that excitement.


Moutonborough, New Hampshire has set a precedent for accountability. Their attitude is that they want both students and local citizens to participate in fundraisers to accomplish the goals they set. The New Hampshire residents are not looking to State or Federal assistance, but, are continuing the kind of grassroots responsibility that the people of the state are known for. This positive attitude includes their goal to get an electronic scoreboard for the Moultonborough Middle School.

The RAB (Recreation Advisory Board) in Moultonborough have some incredibly lofty goals. It might be said that if anyone can reach these goals, the people of Moultonborough can. Moultonborough has previously instituted fundraisers in other areas such as library and chemical free proms. The electronic scoreboard that is being proposed would cover a variety of sports at the middle school, including baseball, soccer and basketball.

Harford School

The Harford County Board of Education stands pretty firm on their policies. This is demonstrated when they openly refused a $20,000 donation for the purchase of the Aberdeen High School new electronic scoreboard. The incredible despair was apparent on the faces of the students, sports teams and faculty, but this did not change the decision.

Apparently there is a policy in Harford County that indicates permanent advertising as well as naming facilities after corporations or people is strictly prohibited. This is being hotly debated among everyone at Aberdeen High School in Maryland, as there is also a bit of a loophole in this policy. The policy itself does not seem to cover athletic facilities, but does cover the prohibitive policy of the naming. It could be approved if the board itself felt that the addition or change would be consistent with its mission.


Hattiesburg, Mississippi may have a history embedded in the lumber industry, but it’s the location and beauty of the area that has drawn residents and visitors alike.  It may therefore be surprising to find out that Hattiesburg has also played an important role in U.S. Government Cold War activities and that they are avid sports fans. The University of Southern Mississippi proudly calls its home in Hattiesburg and they are proud of the M.M. Roberts Stadium, home to The Golden Eagles football team.  This pride is seen at any given game, with all eyes on the football scoreboards to cheer their team on.

Jackson, Mississippi: Home of All-American Baseball

Jackson, Mississippi is in the heart of the south and has been home to music and the Civil Rights movement. Originally the lands of the Choctaw Native American tribe, it retains its history of the Native American influence combined with the early French and European settlers.  One might think the history cotton, beans and livestock is a thing of the past, but in Jackson, it remains a thriving industry to support the area. The residents also pride themselves in their sports, and you can see this pride displayed in the college and university games and even at a roller derby tournament. But it’s baseball that is at the heart of Jackson; and this can be seen at every game, where the baseball scoreboards match the fans yelling with every home run.

Jackson’s past has included so many changes that it is astounding the city survived. Named after President Andrew Jackson, it was the heart of the industrial support for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Like many southern cities, the loss of the war took it’s toll on the people and the town. Unlike other southern towns, it took many years for Jackson Mississippi to begin a comeback in growth. While recovery was slow, it was steady and the city began to see a decline in the mule drawn wagons a older structures, to be replaced by automobiles, mass transit and newer modern buildings.

Silver Spring

A thriving and bustling city just north of the nation’s capital, Silver Spring was literally named after the glittering silver of mica in a fresh water spring.  The convenience of the location, combined with natural beauty has continued to carry the town to a level of both financial and political success today. The town’s love of sports is exemplified in every day life through their intense youth organizations and camps that focus on football, baseball, soccer and rugby. Pretty much everywhere you look there are games and scoreboards for this varied sports city.

Francis Blair along with Elizabeth, his daughter, found the spring in a tucked away area. It was glittering with natural mica, a mineral that flakes easily, and became the mesmerizing view that affected their decision to establish a settlement. Three families in total built mansions and homes in the area and successive generations became many contributing members of politics and high government positions.

Electronic scoreboard signage

The idea of sponsors for a sports game is not new. Since the first baseball was thrown out, there has always been a local business that wanted their name or logo on a sign to show the support of the community. Today, however, we have entered the world of high resolution, instantaneous updates via the electronic scoreboards and every sports team manager and school is seeing dollar signs for the marketing opportunity of scoreboard signage.

Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is an incredibly fun place. The beauty of this city is complimented by a pristine beach and cultural delights. The climate of the area is subtropical, with mild winters and warm summers. It is home to the Virginia Beach Sportsplex that hosts a variety of soccer and hockey games. Soccer scoreboards are alight with colors of the teams and attendance for the games is usually to a packed house. You would think that this type of perfection would have made the city a booming metropolis from the start, but Virginia Beach had a slow and methodical beginning.