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Statistics are showing that over seventy percent of the American population is currently using smartphones and the demand for smartphone apps is increasing exponentially. Companies around the globe are frantically developing apps to offer an ease of use. No one prints an airline ticket any longer, they download everything to their smartphone. Marketing opportunities are blossoming as the free mobile app also opens the doors to push products and services to the consumer. Smartphones have changed the way we do business, live our lives, make our purchases. It is only common sense that sports enters this playing field with mobile app abilities.

There are those that keep a warm spot in their hearts for the sound and feel of the old time baseball game. There is a certain feeling of stability and a down home touch that we associate with the crack of the bat against the ball and the smell of the hot dogs in the air. Whether it was a hot day game or one of the cooler evening games, you never noticed the hard wood of the bleachers, and you patiently waited as each new score was flipped on the scoreboard.

Your Dream Scoreboard and Getting it Paid For


If you are reading this, you might be the person who was given the assignment to get your school or team a new electronic scoreboard. You probably don’t have any experience in making these choices, but you have been doing your homework and have pretty much made a list of what your dream electronic scoreboard will be. This will, of course, include all of the extra accessories. Now that you have totaled it up, the cost has made you raise your eyebrows and you are wondering how it will get paid for.

The answer to your query is one word: Sponsorship.

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Ever since the first high tech, surround sound, widescreen, oversized television came out with full home entertainment abilities, there has been a battle going on. The war started out within the sports stadium world when they realized so many people were staying at home to watch the games. There is a lot of money invested in a stadium game and attendance (or lack thereof) has a direct reflection on the revenue stream that pays for everything. Stadiums had to out trump the home entertainment industry by offering flashier, better, bigger, louder, prettier sports experiences.

The era of high tech has entered into all of our worlds and now, as consumers, we have begun to expect the very best at our team games. Gone are the days of just cheering for our team. Now we need to see instant replay in sharp colorful clarity with streaming video and sponsors wildly showing and offering their particular method of player support. Each game must be a show and each show must be flashier and better than the last. Stadiums have bought into the showmanship concept and it is paying off for them, big time.

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Every decision that is made in business, school and life today has a direct reflection on the kind of carbon footprint we make. The world has finally woken up to the fact that we cannot continue down the path of polluting our earth without consequences. The high volume of energy demands plays a major role in the kind of purchases that we make and there is a slow transition around the globe to more ecologically friendly energy sources. These decisions include our technology and for schools and stadiums, that equates to their choices in electronic scoreboards and the peripheral equipment.

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The home entertainment systems of today are so incredibly well designed, that size, view and sound make it almost like being at a game. Stadiums around the country have been updating their technologies to get their sports fans off the couch and into the stadium. Over the last couple of years, the upgrades have been pretty impressive for baseball enthusiasts and have included everything from park wide Wi-Fi access to high def LED ribbon electronic scoreboards. Here are just a few of the parks and teams that are drawing the crowds in, with the glamour of technology:

A New Electronic Scoreboard Can Pay for Itself

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When you are looking to purchase an electronic scoreboard, there are a number of factors that come into play. The desire to have everything on your ‘wish list’ may be counteracted by the perceived price. However, there are some important aspects of the newer high technology scoreboards that you need to consider, as they will often not only pay for themselves but, if chosen wisely, can offer opportunities for additional recurring revenue for your school, team or stadium.

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In days gone by, sports scoreboards were an intensely manual thing. To change a score, people had to stand on ladders an flip large number charts and the fans were required to wait to make sure their favorite team actually got the point. It’s hard to believe that those days were not all that long ago. The world of technology has taken our population by storm and we are inundated with seamless, easy and instantaneous access to just about everything we would ever want or need. These changes have also been seen with the advent of some of the highest technology electronic scoreboards and they have taken our sports world to an entire new level.


If you attended any sports game in the 1980’s or 90’s, you will remember that the most high tech electronic scoreboards of that time were often bulky, large displays with light bulb style visuals. It was, however, what we were used to and expected when we entered a sports arena or university field. As spectators, we knew that we would minimally see the score update and, that was about it. Today, it’s all about going beyond the numbers. The electronic scoreboard is an entertainment within the game and as consumers, we expect the best.

You might say that we have all been spoiled by the high resolution televisions and home theatres that are available. We no longer want to view anything, including our favorite sports team, in pixely or low res. The costs of high tech electronic scoreboards have come down so that many of the high schools around the country began to invest in what used to only be seen in the large stadiums. Smaller, sleeker and gorgeous brilliant LED colors are now common, even in the middle school arena.


There are a lot of sports enthusiasts that are absolutely passionate about their favorite sports and teams. They also have a high expectation level when it comes to fanfare and the deliverable of the excitement of the game itself. In the past, it was only the stadiums that could produce the kind of visual and audio thrills for a game. High resolution electronic scoreboards with videos and an audio system that would rival the most expensive professional systems. The game line on this topic has made a major shift. Pricing for the best technology scoreboards has come down and now these products are being seen in every venue: from middle schools all the way to university and college games.

Some of the considerations and trends that are happening in today’s electronic scoreboards are stuff that would have been closer to science fiction a number of years ago. The addition of the LED display changed everything and since the cost has been reduced, the scoreboards are now much more affordable. LED offers longer life, higher color resolution and quality and an electrical savings (lower bills). Given the more recent technologies, the LED and corresponding software can also offer incredible sponsor ads and video.